Saturday 8 July 2017

Log Cabin quilt top and a Lover's Knot scarf

Yesterday I finished the Log Cabin quilt top. It is 6 x 8 blocks and large enough to be used as a day cover for a single bed.

Because my quilt will not be a square but a rectangle, I decided to use this setting.

Florals, stripes and plaids, nighties, aprons, summer frocks and shirts happily mixed together.

The Solomon's Knot or Lover's Knot stitch is one I have been thinking of for a long time. It looked too difficult, but I decided to give it a try anyway. My 25 g ball of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze just called for a pattern like this.

As usual, my first crochet rows had more tension than the rest of the scarf, but you really can't notice it easily. And yes, the pattern was super easy, and only a couple of times I had to unravel to the previous row because I had skipped one stitch or made one too many.

My pink peonies are just starting to bloom, much smaller flowers this year and about a week later. Our June was exceptionally cool and we had lots of rain.


  1. the setting you chose for the Log Cabin blocks looks just right, a beautiful quilt! The scarf reminds me of foam, light and airy, lovely! This summer is a mixture of rainy days and hot sticky ones...I look for late summer, then it gets better.

  2. I love log cabin quilts with a red square as the center. It is gorgeous. And it seems you are surrounded by beauty. The scarf? is amazing. The perfect pattern with that yarn.
    Our peonies are blooming now, too. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your pictures. (Do you have a trick for keeping the peonies standing during the high winds and rain?)

  3. Your log cabin is beautiful and the scraf looks sew delicate.

  4. The scarf is lovely. Did you knit it whil watching the Tour de France or earlier ?
    Th log cabin quilt is striking and it sounds that like all of your quilts it tells a story. The additional layer of self is what makes the ordinary extraordinary. Keep making memories.

  5. Love the log cabin! Wow such delicate angel hair. It's gorgeous. I'm amazed you can work with yarn so fine. I miss our peonies in Ohio. Thank you for sharing yours with me. :o)

  6. I love log cabin quilts with a red square as the center. It is gorgeous. And it seems you are surrounded by beauty.



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