Saturday, 1 July 2017

Summer trip, old books, Moomins and other nice things

The first weekend after Midsummer is traditionally the time for old literature and second hand books in Sastamala. We have been there more than ten times in a row, and many times I have shown you some of our loot. This year I found two new old crime novels by a Swedish author, Maria Lang.

And Mr K. too found something missing from his collection of old fishing catalogs and some fly patterns and a book about trips in the North.

After a satisfactory tour among the book tables and shelves we took a scenic route to Tampere. There we visited the brand new, world's only Moomin Museum. The exhibition is large, with lots of Tove Jansson's original illustrations for the Moomin novels, and scenes from the books built by Tove's life partner Tuulikki Pietilä, Tove and their friend Pentti Eistola. I grew up with the Moomin novels, and enjoyed reading them as a grownup. Last year I was lucky to renew the reading experience together with Melanie, and this year I read the biography of their author, Tove Jansson, written by Boel Westin. This again led me to buying the only adult book by her I didn't own, the Summer Book, and now I'm reading it, again with Melanie.

Today I have been building my log cabins again. Finding different fabrics for each round is a bit like Sudoku.

Last Autumn I planted some new bulbs in the garden, Allium Hollandicum, or Purple Sensation. They look pretty handsome!

My flower box colouring is this year pink, blue and purple.

Mr K: and I had a little garden helper on Thursday. He has his own little watering can just like his grandfather's.


  1. När jag ser Dina Log Cabinblock, tänker jag att det är det finaste och mest användbara block jag vet.


  2. always nice to find special books....
    Your Log Cabins are looking great and it is always fun to hunt for the right fabrics..
    How cute to have your GS help Grandpa.

  3. Onpa hienoa hirsimökkiä tulossa. Ihana pikkuinen apulainen :)

  4. Interesting books to read during summer. There was a report about the Moomin Museum on TV, how I wish I could visit it - I'm reading the biography of Tove Jansson written by Tuula Karjalainen. Pretty Log Cabin blocks, beautiful flowers and a lovely helper.

  5. What a lovely tradition, to buy old books! And our Laura loves Moomin. She got to know him and his friends when she lived in Stockholm. Love the picture of grandfather and grandchild <3. Happy weekend.

  6. It sounds like you are having a great summer. I'm sure that gardening with vaari or pappa will be a special memory. Great colours for the flower boxes.

  7. I love your book finds. And a Moomin museum? How wonderful. Your log cabins are so cozy. And such beautiful purples and pinks in the garden. Such a darling picture of grandpa and grandson.

  8. När jag ser Dina Log Cabinblock, tänker jag att det är det finaste och mest användbara block jag vet.



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