Saturday 24 June 2017

The ugliest corner and its flowers

Those of you who have followed my blog for some years already may remember the many unusual flower arrangements in this corner of Järvenpää, sometimes called the ugliest in town? The first year the flowers were planted in rubber boots, then in handbags and shopping bags, then they used bicycles, last year it was chairs and now old Finnish rag rugs:

This time there are normal planting boxes hiding inside the rugs.

Again, the big flower shop Järvenpään Kukkatalo has donated one flower plant for each special bouquet bought at their shop during the year, and volunteers planted the flowers and take turns in watering them during the summer.

In August, before the flowers start wilting, they are donated to anyone who wants one or some, and the rugs are cleared away.

Some boxes were without rugs

and some rugs were cut in small pieces and were just hanging there, without flowers. I think these were the good parts saved around holes in old rugs. These rugs are typical for Finland and at least Sweden too: used garments were reused not in quilts but cut or torn to strips and woven into rag rugs.


  1. Onpa hauskan näköistä räsymattopurkki-istutuksia:) Hyvää Juhannusta!

  2. So pretty! Always enjoy this view of your town.

  3. One of my favorite annual posts. So unique and fun and pretty too!

  4. Great idea! I love the Scandinavian rugs :-)

  5. Wonderful and a great idea. I love that they have a different display every year :-)

  6. Always a fun post. Rag rugs were also made in rural communities in the U.S. My MIL talked about cutting strips and sending them to the weaver. I don't remember the the details but the weaver kept some of the completed rugs and the person who sent the strips eventually go a rug.

    I have 4 rugs she bought me at the Fair. ( annual farvest festival). Recycling is not new.

  7. That's a lovely idea! The colourful flowers bring joy and make everything looks pretty.

  8. Yes, I do remember the boots! Such fun to decorate the ugliest corner in such a way. So original, how they fill it in.

  9. Aikaisempia vuosikertoja olen nähnytkin livenä mutta nyt on Jäke jäänyt käymättä. Nämä on aina niin kauniita ja ihanan erilaisia ideoita. Hienoa kun tätä jaksetaan jatkaa.

  10. One of my favorite annual posts. So unique and fun and pretty too!



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