Saturday 17 June 2017

Green things

Our rhododendrons are blooming, even the little one in the back row. We bought it just a few weeks ago to replace the Physocarpus that was growing too big for the space.

The Alchemilla, Lady's mantle, always keeps the raindrops on its leaves longer than any other plant.

Two new pairs of socks finished, a father and son set.

Then I needed to do some unusual sewing again. This chest of drawers originally belonged to my mother's grandmother, and my mother wanted it to go to her own granddaughter, my daughter Kaija. As this is a very large piece of furniture, she has nowhere to put it at the moment, so I'm keeping it in storage for her. To keep it safe, it needs some protection,

and so I sewed a green hood for it with batting on top and some corrugated cardboard in the front as a shield against hits.

This biggish willow has grown around a street lamp at the corner where our driveway begins, and the men who changed street lamps a couple of years ago could not get to this lamp at all. We told them it was not our tree but the town's, and we would be pleased to see the tree gone.

Finally, after only two or three years, they came with professionals and machines.

The tree trunk is being moved away under the electric lines.

Only a stump is left, they cleared all the branches away. Hurrah, so much less raking of leaves in the autumn for Mr K. from now on, and maybe less moss in the lawn when the sun can reach the grass better.

Silver and green in the flower box.


  1. The plaid quilt is georgeous. Makes me want to dive into my shirts but too many ufo's for now. The garden is looking lovely. I was given a beautiful chest of drawers that belonged to my great grandmother but alas shipping it from the States to Australia was not good for the dresser and like Kaija no room. You are good to protect it for her.
    Enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Kiitos kommenteistasi, nyt tulin pitkästä aikaa tännekin. Joskus kävin useinkin, mutta olet jäänyt unholaan kun vaihtelen missä käyn lukemassa.
    Kiva kun puu kaadettiin pois, varmasti avartaa paljonkin kunhan silmä tottuu, että jotain puuttuu maisemasta.

  3. I'm sure the tree taking down was like watching a fun movie. I love watching things like that. What a gorgeous family heirloom. You have your clever ways to make things needed. Such green in your blog post.


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