Saturday 3 June 2017

Knitting, next week in public too

New pair of green socks on the needles, just a darker green and a men's size this time.

I have been busy planning something for next Saturday, the World Wide Knit in Public Day. Some years ago we had an event at the Villa Cooper, but very few knitters attended. This year we are giving it a try again, in a more public place. Near our Villa Cooper a new park has been built in the middle of a new housing area. It is named after an earlier owner, Bjarne Westermarck, who was a trendsetter and visionary in agriculture a hundred years ago. He had the Villa Cooper building moved to the present location and it was used as a canteen for his farm workers. The secretary of the newly founded Bjarne Westermarck heritage society is coming to our event to tell us about the local history and the renovation work of Westermarck's old office building, now her home. We will meet in the park, and there will be a short guided tour for those interested in the old buildings still left.

Next weekend I will be able to tell you if we had any luck this year. The weather has been chilly almost all the time, at freezing point during the nights, so our best hope is that the day will be sunny and less windy. We are going to have hot coffee and tea! I will be showing how to knit two socks at a time, and if anyone has problems with their knitting, all our members present will be willing to help.


  1. I'm going to a quilt show on that date... hope you have great results this year!

  2. Have a good day knitting in public . Hope the new park turns out to be a good venue. Cool green socks.

  3. I hope you have a successful day and lots of people show up. It would be nice if the weather
    co-operated and became warm with no wind - after all, summer will soon be here.

  4. Wished I lived in the neighborhood, so I could come and join you! Would love to see you knitting.
    I hope you will have more participants this coming weekend and that the weather will be good!
    Sounds like an interesting place, where the event is held. Happy week!


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