Saturday 27 May 2017

Green socks

Here they are, my new long bedsocks:

The colour is right in the top photo. I used the pattern on the cover photo of Melissa Morgan-Oakes' book Toe-Up 2-At-A-Time Socks for the shaping and measurements but simplified the lace pattern and made it my own.  I think the heel is very pretty here.

It was hard to estimate how far my yarn would go so I started the ribbing early. Binding off looks a bit curly but it mustn't be too tight.

I have been cutting more strips for the log cabin quilt. Still a lot to cut, but it means that I will use up many of my fabrics. and that is the point. Use up fabric, have fun sewing, get a quilt. Win-win-win.


  1. Those lovely LONG socks will be nice and warm....
    Great cutting out.....

  2. The socks turned out so nice. Sometimes cutting is a chore and sometimes its repetitive and relaxing.

  3. Such a beautiful shade of green and the lace pattern is so delicate. A very beautiful heel. I hope Winter has finally left you alone as Summer will be here before we know it! I really love a log cabin. Happy sewing.

  4. Oooooh, love your bed socks. You are so clever in knitting! Have fun with your log cabins! What a good way to use your stash. How wide are the strips?


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