Saturday 20 May 2017

Almost Summer

Suddenly, on Wednesday or so, it was warm again. After a little rain shower the nature just burst into greenness and growth. My green socks are slowly growing too. I'm going to knit them as long as the yarn allows.

Today I made a test block for a new quilt. I have what feels like tons of light blue fabrics, and some brown ones left over from the Shadow Plaid. I have never made a Log Cabin quilt, just single blocks, so I thought it was time to give it a chance. I have always liked brown and light blue together.

I have a fair amount of 2" strips cut already but need more. I'm also going to cut them to the required length before sewing to keep my squares square.

Scilla Sibirica in our garden. I would love to have more but they seem to take their time to spread.

Today I had tea in the garden, in my short sleeves, and really enjoyed the +21 C temperature. 


  1. Love your log cabin start! That combo is one of my favorites too.
    Our temp is 41F, but it feels like 33F, which is only 1 degree above freezing. We are pretty much still courting winter. (I do have a couple of early tulips though.) Thanks for sharing some of your sunshine and flowers.

  2. Catching up here with your wonderful quilts and all thoes socks. Both the shirt quilts are wonderful. The new log cabin blocks a nice summer piecing project. We had the same temperature yesterday and worked in the garden adding some more daffodils for spring. Enjoy the weather.

  3. Lovely green yarn for socks and I see you are keeping the traditional red centre for your log cabin blocks. We had a couple of summer-like days but it's cool again. I don't mind at all except the wind seems to be constant.

  4. I love all your lovely socks...
    Log Cabin is a fun block to use to make a quilt..
    Some lovely blooms coming up...

  5. Happy the sun is finally there for you.
    I love the combination browns/light blue. Yum!
    I had to take the Scilla Sibriica out of my garden. They were taken over. I'm sure they will be back next year again (:


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