Saturday, 13 May 2017

Chilly Spring Knittings

This isn't funny any more:

On Thursday we got hails and snow several times during the day, and the top temperature was somewhere between 3 and 5C. Every night there are minus degrees. This was not the first snow of the week. No wonder my rhubarbs are only three inches tall.

The chilly weather has been perfect for knitting. First I knitted the most basic men's wool socks I could imagine, with heavy sock yarn and big needles:

And then a fancy pair with hand dyed yarn from Handu. The pattern is my own version of the honeycomb I used for all those honey coloured socks a while ago.

On the needles is a pair of bed socks for myself. Again, a modified version of a published pattern. I'm knitting from toe to top so I can maximize the length of the socks. Cashmere and merino yarn from Handu, feels like a dream. As you can see from the shadows, we are having a bright sunny day today for a change.

I hope you are enjoying the season as well!


  1. Toivottavasti säät jo nyt lämpenisi edes hieman ja lumi- ja raesateet loppuisivat vihdoinkin!

  2. Beautiful knitting. Nice to have a sunny day.

  3. I like your lilac socks. Shame about the weather; it seems to be crazy everywhere this spring :-(

  4. Oh my, still having winter showers. Poor you! Luckily, you finished socks for yourself to keep your feet warm at night. They must feel so soft!
    Happy you did eventually get to see the sun again.
    Right now, it is very warm here. Sitting outside in the sun in my summer clothing. Taking in the sun on my skin, for as long as it lasts!
    Hoping you will soon have more sunny and warmer days!

  5. Oh's May. Someone forgot to tell Finland! :o) The green color you're using for your bed socks is gorgeous and the yarn materials are luxurious. Wishing you warmth and sunshine and rhubarb.

  6. I enjoy all the seasons but spring and fall are my favourite. The mauve socks are very nice and match the colour of your potted flowers. My rhubarb are slow this year too.


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