Saturday 6 May 2017

The new plaid quilt

Here it is, my new plaid quilt.

It is a mixture of very different shirts which have come to the end of their career in the clothing business or, in one case, never even made it so far but spent some 50 years or probably more as a UFO, cut parts carefully folded with some of the paper patterns pinned to the smallest parts. It could have been meant for me, the pale yellow and grey. A blouse with short sleeves for a girl of maybe 9-10 years of age. Some of this fabric is still left for smaller blocks in another quilt. The obviously female fabrics were my mother's blouses, too small for me to wear so I finally decided to give them a new life. The rest of the plaids are from my usual stash of old men's old shirts. As the previous quilt top only had blue shirts mixed with solid white, here I used all other colours but blue.
It is always fun to plan a new quilt and watch it grow from piles of squares to piles of blocks, then rows and finally a quilt top. The next step is less fun but vital, building the quilt sandwich and pinning or basting it. I have hand quilted only one large quilt in my life, the Grandmother's Garden quilt for my daughter Kaija, and some preemie quilts. I can manage machine quilting on my sewing machine if the quilt is not too big. Maybe I need to start considering these next steps, because this top is already the fourth waiting to be quilted!

Liverworts, Anemone Hepatica, have opened their flowers. I moved these to our garden from "back home" on my last visit there.


  1. What a great Plaid Quilt.... I know what you mean about quilting big quilts, it can be a struggle under a domestic machine. I have never hand quilted one.
    Such pretty flowers 🌺

  2. Lovely! Nice dynamic quilt and inviting. Like the blue/gray background with the plaids.

  3. love your newest plaid quilt and your flowers are so pretty. Nothing blooming here yet.

  4. Voi, että on hieno tilkkupinta ihanista paitakankaista. Olen myös ajatellut tehdä vanhoista paidoista peiton ja tässä on hieno tilkkublokki siihen, ihana! Käsintikkaus on hidasta, mutta pikkuhiljaa valmistuva jos ei ole kiire:)

  5. I love how you make old new again! And with some special memories.

  6. Great quilt, clever girl :-)
    Hepaticas in my pot finished flowering a long time ago; they are so pretty,

  7. I just love this quilt. The colors of the shirts and the grey background go so well together. Sounds like your quilt stack is growing. :o) I love the large HSTs and the pattern you've made with them.

  8. The quilt is quite striking with the combination of gray and various plaids. I think it's wonderful that you know the history of some of the fabrics. It makes the quilt much more meaningful.


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