Friday, 8 September 2017

Unique yellow and blue quilt finished

Here it is finally, my own design:

Unique is the leading charity providing specialist information and support to families coming to terms with a diagnosis of a rare chromosome disorder and the medical professionals caring for them. This quilt is for their fundraising. I had the idea of yellow and blue chromosomes from their logo with the curved lines. The string pieced strips are my artistic view of a chromosome. Twenty three pairs of chromosomes could not be divided on equal rows, so I filled the empty gap of the last row with the appliqued Unique logo. 

The twisting border reminds me of a DNA, the stuff the chromosomes are made of. I hope they like the quilt and raise a lot of money with it.

Socks of the week have stripes in light blue and turquoise, for a boy or a girl.

The summer flowers are still looking good.


  1. What a great idea, Ulla! I'm sure a lot of people will be more than interested in having this quilt, it's for an honorable cause and it looks good! Cute socks for little feet. Flowers here are still looking good, too, but not for very long I guess.

  2. Such a very original and touching quilt. I'm sure the charity will be so appreciative and I hope they also raise lots of money. There is something so very fun about striped socks and what a beautiful display of your summer flowers.

  3. Wonderful quilt for fund raising. The contemporary design is very effective both visually and concept. I'm sure it will be appreciated and contribute to a worthy endeavor.

    Nice socks and pretty flowers. Begining of spring here.

  4. Ulla, your finished quilt is truly amazing,. You must be thrilled with it and I am certain it will be worth every stitch with the fundraising event also. Congratulations on all of the hard work and your design.

  5. A big well done for a good cause. Your design is perfect and well thought out. I hope it raises a lot of money for the charity. As ever your socks are excellent! I've finally divided my attar of roses geraniums and harvested the leaves. It is definitely Autumn weather now.

  6. Beautiful, Ulla, and so ‘unique’. Amazing how this theme has inspired you. Very impressed how you put these ‘words’ into a quilt. Bravo!


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