Sunday 17 September 2017

Fingerless mittens

Autumn has cooled the days and nights here, and our hands need something to warm them. Today's life seems to depend on uninterrupted contact to the social media, and the modern phones need fingertip touch so gloves are not an option. Fingerless mittens!

Problem solved!

And if you name this colour Caffe Latte, it suddenly sounds delicious.

That was my knitting of the past week or so. I also quilted the blue and white quilt I left waiting in the spring, but forgot to take a picture before leaving it to others for some time. I will get it back and make photos.

These are the colours now in the nature: the bracken is yellow and brown but most trees are still green. From somewhere, yellow and brown leaves are falling.


  1. Good knitting! Love the "Scalloped edges" of your gloves.
    Our weather is about the same as yours. Leaves are falling, but not in profusion and we've been using the winter comforter already. Stay warm.

  2. beautiful mittens.
    Love your Autumn 🍂

  3. Nice long cuffs. I do remember you telling me why your Mother knit them that way for you. Still nice to have warm hands and arms when working. I made my first pair out of greasy hand spun for my Father to wear ice fishing.

  4. Beautiful work Ulla! Congratulations on your blue and white finish too. We are getting bronze bracken here too but this morning is a warm blue sky. The turning leaves look fabulous against it.

  5. Useful and beautiful. The color name is very fitting. Leaves are turning here. Love this time of year.

  6. Caffe Latte sounds good and looks beautiful! Autumn is slowly starting here too!

  7. PS: Caffe Latte reminds me of coasters ... (:

  8. Beautiful and very practical, a good companion for the season.Autumn is just lovely!


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