Saturday 7 October 2017

Autumn is here

In an earlier post I mentioned that our strawberries in the flowerbed keep making berries until September. Well, it is October now, a quarter of it gone, and there still are strawberries slowly ripening! The taste is not what it used to be, but they are edible.

I have been away from home for a while and therefore not so busy with quilting or knitting, but managed to finish a pair of socks in Autumn colours

once again in my favourite colour combination.

Then I almost used up some rest balls to make these socks with my own grandmother's pattern.

That is all new finishes, but I can show a picture of my blue and white quilt with the quilting and binding on. It is now hanging in Villa Cooper, where visitors can vote for their favourite gift for Finland's 100th Anniversary.

The Autumn has been very rainy, but luckily the leaves shine bright when there is just a ray of sunshine coming through the clouds.

The last flowers in the garden

Here is exactly 20% of our apple harvest, so I'm not cooking any apple sauce this year!


  1. Hi Ulla, it's amazing how nature works isn't it. Your strawberries still growing in October, how wonderful. I love your blue quilt. Looks fabulous hanging. Seeing your Autumn days makes me feel so pleased we are going into SPring as much as Autumn is a beautiful season.

  2. How nice to be still enjoying some strawberries.
    Lovely Autumn coloured socks you made..
    Your quilts looks great hanging in the display...
    Always like seeing the way your leaves change colour in Autumn..

  3. I love the colors of autumn. Sorry your apples aren't as productive. The mister is cutting down our only apple tree at Maple Tree Cottage. It wasn't cared for properly in so very many years. He gave it a chance but the apples fell off the tree and are rotten. Washington State is a huge produce of apples and you have to be very careful not to let disease spread. So we'll replace the apple tree with something smaller and more manageable to care for. You make the best socks!


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