Saturday, 21 October 2017

It is getting colder

On Tuesday morning we had a very strange sun in the cloudy sky. It looked more like the moon through a thin layer of clouds.

But it was an orange sun, and the cloud was sand from Sahara and soot and ash from the forest fires in Spain and Portugal.

I have finished the projects I had on my needles for the Wool Day. This is a pair of fingerless mittens in 50% wool, 50% alpaca. Warm and lovely and soft and not itchy at all.

This gathered more people, I was working on the heels and the visitors couldn't believe how easily they were knitted on the one long circular needle. This is sock yarn, 80 % wool and 20% polyamide.

Today our grandson had an outing for men only, all three generations together made a fire in the backyard and they grilled sausages on sticks together. It is getting colder, just a few degrees above freezing point during the day. Everyone had red cheeks and a cold nose when they came in for afternoon tea.

The last yellow leaves are falling, this was like a lace curtain.


  1. The smoke and ash make such a beautiful sky. You are a master sock knitter!!! No wonder you had crowds interested. I love the "men only" outing.

  2. You are the queen of sock and mitten knitting.
    Beautiful nature photos..
    Lovely for the 'men' to have a special outing...

  3. Oh Ulla, seeing your Grandson having his "bonding" day put the biggest of smiles on my face. What a wonderful tradition. It will be something he will have forever within his heart.
    Gosh the sun is amazing. There is so much happening over the world at the moment in fires its not surprising the ash is there and the intensity of the heat must be amazing at the moment. Amazing photo.
    Love those socks, such a clever lady. x


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