Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 3 - Santa came to town

Yesterday was the opening of the Christmas market in Järvenpää. As usual, Santa himself came too, in his old sleigh. The weather conditions being what they are, an amphibian model has been developed:

Sand or snow, Santa will get there! Mrs. Santa stayed in the sleigh while her husband was greeting the children. In front of the sleigh was their faithful Finnhorse Uuras. In the link you can also read about the important role of these horses during the WW II

Children could fondle him and he looked like he was smiling!

Santa greeted everyone, and maybe he received some hand delivered letters with gift wishes here too. In Helsinki a few days ago during his visit Britain's Prince William brought Santa a letter from his four-year old son George!


  1. Santa and children always bring smiles. Missed the socks in the wind and the great reflection in the puddle. So far the Advent Calander has been a visual feast.

  2. That looks like a Christmas Card... Santa,a sleigh, children and snow.

  3. Santa even gets royal visitors! :o) Sorry there wasn't snow to make Santa's visit more festive but it looks like everyone is happy to see Santa just the same. What a big and beautiful horse.


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