Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December 5 - Rowan, lime and birch

The rowan berries are waiting for birds to come and eat. Waxwings may come in big flocks.

Lime trees sometimes keep their seed long into the winter.

Birch bath brooms at the Christmas market. Made after Midsummer, they have been put to dry in a dark place and will feel soft and fresh after a soak in hot water. A special treat for the Christmas sauna bath!


  1. The photos are lovely. Sofew Australian natives loose their leaves. You are posting just before bedtime so Good night.

  2. Interesting bit about birch bath brooms - I did not know they keep their leaves on for so long.

  3. I always learn something new. I've never heard of a birch bath broom. Do the lime trees produce fruit? We can't grow citrus where I live because it gets too cold. We did have citrus, mostly oranges and lemons, grapefruit in Southern California where it's warmer and drier.

  4. Did you get some of the birch, to treat youself for a nice hot bath?


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