Saturday 27 October 2018

Just knitting ...

 ... is all I have been doing as my faithful Husqvarna sewing machine is having her irregular check-up with the service and we need to wait for a spare part. This time without her seems so long, and it feels like I right now would have so many interesting and fun projects to work on. Luckily I have a collection of knitting needles and wool yarns, and Christmas is a big time for hand knitted wool socks at the Villa Cooper, so I have been knitting these in pine tree colours

and these small ones in graphite and old rose

and these in jeans blue with stripes with lighter and darker blue rest yarns.

And those two other pairs as well.

Frosty mornings, even days now. Mr K. has blown and raked all leaves away and the garden is getting ready for the first snow to come. Other parts of the country have already had their first snow, but we may expect some less cold days next week. This week I saw the local whooper swan family swimming peacefully on the pond by the school in the darkness at nine in the evening.The six cygnets are about as big as the white parents but still grey until they are adults. The young ones still need to practice their take-up and landing and build up some muscles for their flight southwards for open waters.


  1. It's funny how creative our minds are when we don't have our machines. So many project we could be working on. :o) Cozy socks as always. Love the pine tree socks. Hand work is so nice in the evenings when I don't have to concentrate on the TV. Stay warm.

  2. Kauniita sukkia olet tehnyt! On se jännä, kun ompelukone on poissa niin tuntuu, että kaikki työt huutavat tekemistä:))

  3. Lovely knits Ulla :-) Yes winter came today, still snowing right now..

  4. Yes, this is the time for nice warm socks :-)

  5. Such well made socks Ulla. I hope they sell well at the Villa Cooper. You definitely don't waste time. Your description of the baby whooper swans made the perfect image in my head.


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