Wednesday 14 November 2018

New kids on the blog

Finally I got my sewing machine back and these new kids got their clothes on! Instead of the usual two days my machine had to stay away for more than two weeks because a spare part took so long to arrive.

I could not show this lot dressed in just undies or jumpers. I used many small yarn rests for their jumpers. The multi coloured yarn works fine in the small garments.

The girls' dresses have zippers in the back, the jumpers have buttons on the shoulder. It looks like Pertti here below on the right has grown fast! I was sure I knitted the sleeves long enough before starting to knit in the round with the front and the back. That's teenage boys for you.

I try to find more of that funny yarn for the boys' hair, it makes hair creating easy. I just crochet in the round and sew the wig in place. These dolls will be a part of the Villa Cooper Christmas display of Good Gifts for charity.

Another finally is here:

Our daughter Kaija was here yesterday and I managed to remember to ask her to pose for the Aino 2.0 fingerless mittens pattern. The Flying Mitten will publish my pattern as a spin-off of their original Aino'S mittens pattern based on the original mittens knitted and worn by Aino Sibelius. Fingerless mittens are useful for anyone who wants to use their smartphone in cold weather.


  1. Onpa siellä nukkeja tehty, suloisia! Ihanat kämmekkäät, kauniit!

  2. pleased you finally got your sewing machine back and could finish dressing the dolls.
    pretty mittens your DD is wearing.

  3. You have made some cute new friends Ulla and the mittens are beautiful !

  4. Just checking and could have sworn I left a comment on this post. Love your mitten pattern. You're a designer!!! The dolls are filled with personality.

  5. I like your new kids on the blog! :-)

  6. Wonderful pattern design Ulla. The Aino socks and mittens are very special to me so you adding to the collection is great. These look so practical.

    Your latest batch of Unicef dolls look like a fun crew. Well done for making such detailed clothing which children will enjoy playing with.


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