Sunday 28 April 2019

Spring projects

Raspberry filled chocolates came to my mind when I knitted these socks for myself. Not that I could actually eat any milk chocolate, but I still remember the taste. I had cherished this yarn for many years and finally decided to use it.

At Villa Cooper a client has asked if I could make a small pouch like the ones for headphones I made last year

but with the zipper at the top edge. I tried, but making them look neat is more difficult this way.

For this lot I used the smallest scraps of Japanese fabrics from the big stash my DD Kaija left for me.

Spring is here but the only flowers in the garden so far have been the snowdrops, crocuses and now in bloom the Scilla Sibirica. I bought these Easter lilies at the florist for Easter. In the garden they will be up in a month or so!


  1. Oh yes your pretty socks do look like raspberry chocolate...
    I also find zippers tricky to put into small pouches, yours look good.
    Beautiful daffodils....

  2. It's good to hear you actually made something for yourself. Using up little bits of fabric to make useful items is always a very good idea. We have had a cold wet April and the only things I have seen popping up in the garden have been the crocuses. Last month, while visiting my daughter Ayla in England, I saw many daffodils.


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