Wednesday 15 May 2019

Yarn bent on different curves

 My first attempt to make a shawl with a very hairy mohair yarn was a) too long and b) impossible to unravel, so I decided it will be a scarf for dark winter days, wrapped around my neck 4-fold and three times round. It looks rather like something you could draw from the vacuum cleaner hose when it is clogged, dust caught by a long piece of yarn.

The rest of the ball was used for this shawl. This time I started with the desired width and crocheted as far as the yarn reached. A nice mosquito net for cool summer evenings, don't you think?

The pattern is Solomon's knots or Lover's knots. Easy to crochet, but also easy to crochet too many loops or too few, and then you need to un-crochet.

I had this lovely hand-dyed merino/polyamide yarn for my birthday and found a nice new almost lacy pattern to try on. French heels almost done!

On the 3rd of May we had already tiny leaves on the silver birches but also new snow for two days. Some parts of Finland had more, up to 6", and it snowed on top of old snow so it must have felt like proper winter again.

But today we have a sunny day and the ground is covered in white again, but this time it is wild wood anemones. Where I grew up we didn't have them, but hepatica was what we picked for Mother's Day in May. Here wood anemone is the spring flower for Mother's Day or "just so". Sometimes I miss the beautiful blue and purplish shades of hepatica.


  1. I could never work with that thin flimsy yarn... great job...
    Lovely socks...
    Finally some changes to your season...

  2. I'll bet it becomes your favorite scarf.
    We are getting wisps of leaves - most of the trees are blooming first. Tulips and Irises are up, but not blooming yet. No wild flowers yet. We had May snow, too, about 3". It melted the next day. no shoveling!

  3. Varmasti on ihanan kevyt huivi ja kauniit sukat tulee. Tämä on kevään kauneinta aikaa, kun kaikki puhkeaa kukkimaan ja luonto on täynnä valoa.


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