Saturday 25 January 2020


are a challenge I took when I saw the blog post by Dolores  introducing many challenges to choose from for a good start of the  year. I'm not on Facebook so I'm just sewing my 2½" squares into 9-patches on my own and will show them to you when I feel like it. This first lot of  seven is made with ready cut squares from the trays I have. I'm ahead of the schedule already, as I read about the challenge 5 days ago!

When I'm cutting fabric for a project and there is a small leftover strip, I cut it into squares, or if it is a long one, it goes to the fabric string boxes. The white background squares usually come from making Unicef dolls.

Our grandson has his birthday around this time. He likes outdoor life and can already have long walks, so he has his own rucksack, torch etc. I made this insulated pouch for a small thermos flask so he can take hot chocolate along when they go out to explore the forest next time. His initial is made with reflector tape so the pouch can be easily found if it should get lost on the ground ;o). 
Little ones wear reflector vests here when they are on an outing from kindergarten, each group has their own color. 


  1. Well done with the nine patches....
    What a great gift for your grandson and fabulous idea using refector tape.
    Sew good the little ones wear refector vests on outings.

  2. New Year - new project :-) I always get exited when I think about doing something new - which is just too often, to be able to do it all! :-)


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