Tuesday 25 August 2020

Still here

Long lazy Summer ... I have just been busy doing nothing special and enjoying the sunny days we have had, and ignoring the rainy days. Reading piles of books, at the moment old paperbacks from my mother's childhood and school years. Charming innocence but also some expressions that don't look too good today.

I have finished the Granny square blanket using a new to me method of joining the squares in one go. It saved so many yarn ends! I was going to use only rest yarns for this, but ended up buying some balls of the light grey and the graphite grey for the joining. 

The blanket measures 4 squares by 6, and each square is about 11".

After this I had a long pause. No long cycling tours on TV this Summer, so I have not had a special "Tour" project. Finally my fingers were itching for some nice knitting, and I found this pretty pattern in a magazine.

My yarn is 100% baby Merino, so it is perfect for a pair of bed socks.

Remember the safety rules, wear your masks where required. I hope you have all been well and safe.



  1. A lovely granny square blanket and your new sock project is very pretty ..
    They'll be nice and soft out of merino.

  2. A lovely crocheted blanket and I find that I have been reading a lot too. I hope you stay safe during this pandemic. Xx

  3. That looks like a cozy blanket for the coming cool months. Having a new project keeps the hands active and the brain in good working order.

  4. If you can't have the long lazy days in the summer, when can you? The summer is made for that :-)
    Well done on finishing your blanket, you might need it soon!


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