Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Patching the patchwork

Sometimes a quilt faces heavier use than the materials are designed for. This was the case with this Stained quilt from 2012.

 Recycled shirt fabric is not very durable under the paws of a mid-size dog as you can see:

For some reason especially the brown thin striped fabric was attacked. Luckily I had not binned the remaining fabrics from this and another project using my son's business shirts.

This meant that I could replace each patch with the same fabric it was originally made.

Only the grey sashing is now a shade darker than the original, but this could mean that the original has faded over the years and from frequent washing.

I have sewn some patches by hand and machine stitched some, and I added a piece of new wadding in the block that was worst. Machine stitching went surprisingly well and I only needed to redo one bit where the backing was puckered.

Encouraged by this modest success I have added several other unlucky quilts on my list of patching my patchwork.


  1. Hienosti tuli peitto korjattua! Ei yhtään huomaa korjausta.
    Minullakin myös on tyttäreni peitto, joka pitäisi korjata:)

  2. Lucky you keep that shirt scraps...
    Great job of patching ....

  3. You are so talented and accomplish so much. I love to read your posts. Hope all the family is good. May hugs, Marie

  4. How clever you are to mend that quilt! I too enjoy using men's shirts for fabric...I find the very large ones at thrift stores will provide a fair amount of fabric for low prices and also sometimes unique patterns and colours. Imagine the sands making its way to your country...that is amazing and shows how the world is interconnected. Still cool here but warming slowly with spring on its way. Am so happy to see it!


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