Sunday, 7 March 2021

The Flying doll and his cousin


Who is that, flying through the air? He looks like SuperM!

And so he is! Hello, M!

- Hi R! Are you coming from the sauna in your bathrobe, standing in the snow? What does you Mum say, or our Auntie?

- I’m not cold, I’m a Finn, and Mum doesn’t know I’m here. Besides, this is no bathrobe. It is my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform, with a black belt now.  But why are you wearing your underpants on top, and what do your Mum and our Auntie say to that?

- They don’t say anything because they know I think this looks cool. And when I wear them and the cape, I can fly like you saw. Your black belt must mean something too?

- Yes, it means I’m cool too and more experienced at my sport than those who have yellow belts, or green or blue.

- Great. Now I must spread my cape and fly home. I have a little party on Sunday. Take care!

- You too and have a nice birthday!

- Likewise, dear cousin!

- J*******a, my pants again!

Happy birthday dear little nephews!


  1. Hi Ulla ...
    I enjoyed meeting two very cute new dolls and I love their hair..

  2. Kivoja nukkeja taas.
    Tulin piiitkästä aikaa tänne kun oon huomannu sun kommentoivan niin ajattelin että oot linjoilla taas. Niinhän täällä olikin jo monta päivitystä. Muutto on aina yks kaaos vaikka kuinkä vähän ois tavaraa. Mulla alkaa nyt oleen aika hyvä tilanne, siis ylimääräistä ei juurikaan ole. Se on tämä vanheneminen kun auttaa luopumaan turhasta, hih.
    Kivoja oli ne mallineuleet vanhoista ja söpö aarrelapanen.
    Mukavaa maaliskuuta!


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