Saturday 15 May 2021

New doll for Unicef

When I made the two dolls in February, I prepared three more to be finished later. I think he needs a T-shirt for the Summer! The two other new dolls have some difficulties with their hair, so they will come later.

We have had some unusually warm days this week, and beautiful weather, so we have been taking walks and bird watching. Almost every day we have seen the swan couple with one of them hatching (that would be the white plastic bag in the bushes) and the other one having breakfast in some other pond where the water looks more fresh.

Gagea lutea (käenrieska), a beautiful little wild spring flower.

Maple trees are in full bloom here now. When we moved in, all trees were bare of their leaves so I don't really know what some of them will look like when they get their leaves. Most of them are recognizable the year round, but especially young trees may all look the same when they have no leaves.


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  1. Another cute guy but maybe he would like a Tshirt if it’s been so hot...
    Some lovely blooms on your walk.


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