Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Bits of knitting and an old project finished

Some people have cold hands, and some other people can knit, and so I knitted hand warmers for those

two who have such cold hands. Little Miss Purple has grown and she is now Miss Black for the time being.

My old project was this doormat, with layers of worn flannel shirts, wool jumper washed in hot water, and some dark T-shirts under the top layer, a rest bit of quilt backing flannel.

I cut between the stitched lines with my normal scissors, added the binding

and washed the new mat in the machine and dried it in the tumbler.

Soft, thick and lovely. It became a bathroom mat.

Naturally I needed to knit in the evenings, and I decided to use up my yarn rests. I almost had enough for this set, but bought more of the light grey that goes with everything. 

We have lots of snow, so I think more sock knitting is on my list.

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