Saturday 22 January 2022

New year, new challenge

For the first time in years I have taken a challenge in order to use up my scraps. It is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela at Soscrappy. This month's color is red, so I searched my 2½" box for reds and found seven sets of five squares.

The whites were in the same box, so sewing the 9-patch blocks didn't take too long.

Here they are, waiting for the February color to be announced.

I think I mentioned my unlucky quilting of a Log Cabin quilt. Anyway, I had a backing that was too small, some machine quilting with serious bumps in the backing, and for once the energy to rip up the quilting that had gone so wrong. I added a row of squares for width and another for length, and so the backing was no longer too small.

Ironing, careful layering and pinning, and I was bale to finish the machine quilting in just two sessions.

Happy end for this quilt top from 2017 and 2019!

My normal evening activity is knitting, and I have been using up rests yarns for small projects like these fingerless mittens in merino wool

and the black ones in alpaca yarn.

A new pair of socks is still on the needles, and I have knitted some simple mittens that went to use already with no time for photo sessions.



  1. Nice red 9 Patches….
    So good you had the patience to un pick the quilt and redo it properly……
    Lovely mittens.

  2. Love your plaid 9-Patch blocks. Beautiful log cabin too. Unpicking is no fun but it was worth it. You did a great job on the back. Congratulations on finishing the problem quilt. ;^)

  3. Hi Ulla, I lo0ve your scrap quilt choices and of course your knitting is always my favorite! Take care and I love to see your blogs! Much love, Marie

  4. Beautiful finished quilt. So good you had the patience to change the backing and make it bigger. Congratulations on the finish.

  5. Having a new project is always delightful - especially if one doesn't have to purchase new fabrics. As always, your knitting is very nice. Sometimes time and patience is needed for tasks one is not keen on. It's nice that you were able to rescue the log cabin quilt. It's quite lovely.


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