Sunday 11 June 2023

Still here, still sewing, still knitting even in public

Somehow months have passed without a single blog post. At this age I feel busy when I have a special program on one day of the week! In May we had a school reunion with friends from 50 years ago, so naturally I felt busy for weeks. I needed a nice new bag for the meeting.

I used vintage handwoven linen (from my mother's stash) and some double sided Japanese quilting cotton (from my daughter's stash), with the dotty side out, and a button I bought from Liberty's in London in 2013.

Two open interior pockets in the lining and a big zipper pocket in the back. I used iron-on felt interfacing, stitched on the front side and not stitched on the back. Adjustable strap. All my own design, with ideas from other bags I have made over the years.

The annual World Wide Knit in Public Day was on Saturday, and Villa Cooper organized an event like many times before.

Coffee and tea with biscuits and cake was served, and the weather was perfect for sitting in this lovely garden, knitting and chatting with new and old friends. My long time blog acquaintance, Kristiina from KristiinanSilmukat was there and we met for the first time in real life. It was nice to get a face to the name and a new friend. Many ladies came by, not to knit but to bring their no longer needed knitting needles and yarns for our collection to be donated to the local Ukrainian refugees.

Over the weeks I have stayed away from blog writing, I do have visited the usual blogs, and I have been knitting. This is a collection of dish cloths. The green and yellow ones are pattern experiments with a 70 % bamboo, 30 % cotton blend, and the beige is all cotton.

Before dishcloths I knitted some socks and mittens, but I save them for my next post. 


  1. Hi Ulla, So good to see your post! I always love to see the beautiful things you make. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Marie

  2. Thank you for the welcome back to Blogland message Ulla. What a beautiful bag! So much attention to detail and a lovely finish. Was it really a decade ago that you were over here? Where has the time gone? Villa Cooper is looking so lush! I’m glad you met another good friend there. It is a special place. Good practical work with the dish cloths. They last a lot longer than shop bought ones.


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