Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer flowers

Mr. K has made me a new flowerbed. We plan to move the irises and day lilies from the old bed in the background, and add more colour and plants that will bloom later in the Summer. I tested how tulips would look here.
This was the last row for my Bee in My Bonnet row-along, and today I arranged all the rows and stitched them together. Beginning from the top with spring tulips, then comes summer and butterflies. Stars shine above the houses when autumn comes with geese flying to the South, with apples, and falling leaves.

Then it is time to take out the sewing basket and spools of thread, and have a mug of hot tea, when the winter has arrived and you need your warm mittens again.

Next week I try to get the borders added, but I have not yet decided what fabrics I will use. For the blocks I have used small scraps, and the borders require yardage.

My first peonies were lying flat on the ground so I brought the buds in, and after a few days they opened!


Tilkkureppu said...

Tämä on kyllä upea!

Stephanie said...

I would love to join you in the garden for a cup of tea. Your quilt top is so cozy. Peonies have the biggest heads and the smallest stems but they are so beautiful.

Terri said...

Love your quilt. Leaves and mittens are my favorites.

Annemariesquilt said...

You have made a fantastic quilt Ulla ;-))
I absolutely adore it !

Maria said...

Your quilt top is absolutely stunning, Ulla!

Terry said...

The quilt is lovely and the story of seasonal change is enchanting.
I 'm sure some of your daughter's view of the world comes from you.
Well done

Candace said...

Those are the best kind of garden tulips - ones that require no care at all! Your soil looks very rich and loamy, too. The quilt is so adorable! It says happy no matter what time of year it might be! I wish I had brought some of my peony buds inside - I didn't know they would open like that

Houseelf said...

Absolutely fantastic Ulla! That is wonderful! What about doing a border in scraps based on one colour like a warm red? The effect would look similar to yardage but more in keeping with the feel of your quilt?

Good luck with the moving of the flowers. The soil looks perfect. Here I have to dig in "bulky organic matter"- poo, as the soil is so light with a sand subsoil.

Annik-Snor said...

Beautiful quilt and lovely peonies

Radka said...

It is going to be a beautiful quilt! Lets not talk about winter just
yet :-)

Heckety said...

I LOVE your quilt top! Its so cheerful and bright!
Peonies are always so floppy, my mother has to keep picking the flowers off hers because they just won't stay up. But they are such beautiful flowers, so intricate.