Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Knitted graffiti and some bird news

The International Knit in Public Day was celebrated in Järvenpää on June 8th with an event organised by Lentävä Lapanen - The Flying Mitten. This rail at the end of the pedestrian area was decorated with Granny Squares and knitted bits.

I couldn't make it then, but I participated in the Knit in Public event at Villa Cooper on last Sunday, working on a pair of mittens. There were six of us by the time I had to leave before the rain.

On Monday I took my two knitted minestrone squares and added them to the rail in Järvenpää. It was fun, and I even had an audience of three watching how I crocheted the sides of the squares together around the rails. When I was taking the photos, an old gray-haired lady with a walking aid came to me and asked about the project. Her main question was, if anyone was allowed to add something there. She had such a sparkle in her eyes that I can imagine her taking out her yarns and needles, and knitting her bit for the rail. Today I'm going to check if there is anything new there!

The knitted graffiti is not the only unusual decoration by the street. This fence is in the next street corner:

A local flower shop has collected about 300 old rubber boots and donated summer flowers for them. Volunteers planted them and fastened the boots in the fence. Shop owners in the area take turns to water them during the summer.
A week ago we participated in a Birdhouse Watch organised by BirdLife Finland. Our own garden housing census showed 11 bird houses with 5 pied flycatcher families, 3 blue tit families, one great titmouse family and a tree sparrow family in the pipe of a distribution transformer in the back corner of our yard. Soon after the counting, baby birds came out and tried their wings.

The parents don't suffer from an empty nest syndrome: they are building new nests - or renovating - and planning to have new babies before the Summer is over. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Swan family came back in the Spring and has shown their six babies in the village already. Mr. K. saw them walking towards the library the other day. I know from experience that there is a good selection of bedtime stories.
This vase just called for the dark irises.


  1. Hauskan näköistä ja nuo kumpparit varmasti herättivät huomiota!

  2. Very fun and whimsical public art. I love you statement about the bedtime stories for the birdies. :o) What a perfect vase for the irises. Is it local handmade pottery?

  3. What a novel idea with the old boots. We have a bit of urban knitting here too and it's nice to come across - an unexpected surprise. Both your vase and the iris are very pretty.

  4. You should write a children's book about the swans going to the library. Love the knitting and the boots! They could play a part in the book!

  5. Very interesting post :-)

  6. hi Ulla, i came out of hiding just to see your blog again, it's always such a treat to see hat you have been up to. I love your bird tales and the knitted railing decoration looks so very colourful. Has the silver hair lady returned yet? Do wish you'd get onto Facebk tho.

  7. woops - that's meant to read *what* not hat....

  8. We have knitted graffiti around town left over from a craft festival and it always makes me smile. What surprises me is how little fading and wear it shows after the long winter as we had several storms. I like yours too though!
    Bird counts are always quite encouraging as sometimes you think there is not much wildlife and then you find there is more than you thought! And I like the iris- one day I will try growing some.

  9. There is an occasional bit of knitting here always fun to see such fun knitting and the gumboot's full of flowers make me smile.

  10. Ohhhh....another gorgeous vase and a beautiful watercolor above! The knitting day is so much fun! I can just picture you crocheting your squares to the railing, Ulla. And what a wonderful way to use old boots. Sounds like your bird rentals are pretty much full for the summer!

  11. Thanks for sharing. It is so nice when you decorate with knitting.

  12. Yes a perfect vase for irises. I love the graceful shape! Oh what fun in Jarvenpaa! I knew I liked the lady in the Flying Mitten. The welly display made me smile. I don't feel quite the eccentric having old teapots with plants in now. :-) I have seen a pair of painted wellies with plants by a doorstep before but not such a big wonderful display. Thank you so much for sharing.


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