Sunday, 2 June 2013

Some spools and sewing baskets

This week I have made a row of spools and a row of baskets for my Bee in my Bonnet Row-along quilt. Both rows were fun and ended up pretty straight.

My mug row is the most curved one, so next week when I have finished the row of flowers which is the very last one, I must be careful when I sew the rows together. There will be an inner border and a wider outer border to make after that.

The Spring came late this year, but it was very short. We have such an abundance of flowers everywhere. The lilacs are in full bloom too, and I brought these home when I was pruning dry branches in my FIL's garden and accidentally cut some fresh ones too.

The temperatures have been up to 25C (77F) and more during the last week, and today my first peony opened!


  1. I love the rows draped on the fence. You've made great progress with your project. The scent of spring flowers is so lovely. Our peonies are in full bloom but the rain knocked them down. They have such delicate stems to hold such big and heavy flowers.

  2. Oh Ulla, your quilt is just so cute! I love the white background - it makes all the cute little blocks dance! Another pretty vase and gorgeous silver candleholder to show off the wonderful lilacs!

  3. Great progress Ulla. I think the quilt is going to look amazing. Isn't Summer smelling wonderful? We have lilacs out at the moment too. I am enjoying the weather when I can and have a cuppa outside on the back step.

  4. Of course, you are coming into summer where you live! It's winter here :-)
    Love the work on your quilt!


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