Thursday 27 June 2013

Quilt top finished, the abundance of peonies, and some local news

My computer was attacked and we needed to take it to the computer ER for treatment, and now I finally have access to my pictures again. Advice from the experts: always keep your important updates updated, and don't trust a security program that suddenly appears on your screen and looks just almost real but not quite.
Anyway, the time away from blog reading - I just made quick visits from Mr. K's laptop to see that you are all OK and busy - gave me time to add three borders to my scrappy Row-along quilt. I made the last one just plain and not scalloped like in Lori's design. The backing and batting are waiting.
My peonies are early this year, they usually blossom in July. This was on the 19th of June:

... and this on the 23rd. Today the flowers are almost white, turning brown and dropping their petals.

They can keep their heavy heads up because they grow through a grit of garden twine in a frame about knee high.

I took some more pictures of the boot installation in Järvenpää.

The yellow boot was the only one where the plant had been robbed from. I wonder if some of the black boots have been painted in bright colours just for fun or to keep the plant cooler.

The pied flycatchers in 5 or 6 birdhouses are so busy feeding their families.

Often both parents are at the door at the same time, so one has to wait on the roof, this time the father.

Järvenpää is having a blues music event from Wednesday until the weekend, and the pedestrian area is full of stalls.

During the week there are free concerts for children as well, and this place offered them a chance to paint with watercolours and fabric paints while waiting for the concert to begin.

Apart from the usual hat, jewelry, fudge, licorice and bag stalls there were some nice handicrafts too, like these felted pouches for mobile phones.

The humid heat quite unusual for our climate, and the crowded street made me just want to get away as soon as possible. Today we had a tiny thunder and some rain, but that hardly made the air any fresher. Tomorrow we are heading to a hot and crowded place too, but the conditions are OK because we are going to see (and buy) old books again. 


  1. You've done a wonderful job with the scrap BOM. It's a big quilt. I always love looking at your bird photos.
    Heat and humidity is not for me either and crowds are sometimes too much too.

  2. Love your quilt.
    Thanks for the peony pics. I haven't any in my garden here in CA. I think it gets too hot too early for them here. I can still remember the scent though... after 35 years away.
    The planted boots are a hoot! How fun.

  3. Great quilt, Ulla! Beautiful peony-pictures, mine have just come out as well. What a great suggestion with plants in the rain boots :-)

  4. Congratulations on your quilt progress. It's wonderful. Hot and humid is typical here but I don't like it. I'd rather be indoors with books and air conditioning. Very smart how your peonies are growing to keep from getting droopy. Sorry for your computer troubles. Very inconvenient and maddening.

  5. Your row quilt top turned our beautifully! It seems like it went together very quickly, you just started it - or didn't you?

  6. A quilt finish, flowers, birds, boots and markets make a lovely snap shot of the going on in your part of the world. Here is raining and raining and ....... Just winter . Enjoy your sunny days. The row by row quilt is lovely and lots of fun.


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