Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Poet's Birthday

Last Thursday, when I was busy showing pictures of old plates, I also remembered to celebrate the birthday of the Finnish national poet J. L. Runeberg (who wrote in Swedish!). The celebrating was emphasized on the material side and included noticing it was that special day, and eating a tart named after him. Runeberg's tart is baked with biscuit crumbs and raspberry jam, and you never know whether you get a moist, soft, delicious one or something like what I happened to choose this year:

It looks just perfect, but the cake was heavy and almost dry. The taste wasn't too bad, but I have eaten better ones. I wasn't in the mood of reading any 19th century poetry, so I just had my private celebration at the waxcloth covered kitchen table.

I have been arranging my handicraft books and magazines. Last week my daughter Kaija was here for two nights, and I wanted her to find her bed easily. My newer sewing machine is in her old room, and so are my handicraft books and magazines. For some reason they tend to gather on the bed instead of the shelves.

But now they have found their way back where they belong. Above are the old books and some magazines.

Here are the quilting books, and on the lower shelf some old magazines: the Australian Handmade from the 90's and British Inspirations from about the same time. Plus all kinds of British, German and US quilting magazines.

On the same day I had some lovely mail. Melanie sent me two magazines/books about Claude Monet and his wonderful house and garden in Giverney. Thank you, Melanie, you are such a sweet friend!

The other mail was from Japan. I bought these fabrics and pinch pouch frames from good-ness Etsy shop. I just wanted to have the mushrooms, and I think of using the sewing machine fabric for my sewing group bag I'm going to start planning someday. It is so good to have the materials ready when the inspiration hits!

Next week there will be little or no blogging, just some quick blog reading in the evenings. I will be volunteering at the children's hospital in Helsinki for several days. I have some hand sewing projects reserved for the moments when the little patients sleep, and some reading for the commuter train. Have a good week everyone!


  1. Hia Ulla, I hope you have a fulfilling time in Helsinki. The Japanese fabrics look great. Well done for sorting your magazines. Mine are all over the place after I've been searching for something in particular.

    Have a lovely time with your daughter.

  2. Melanie is a sweet one.. always so thoughful.

    I like the Japanese fabric too. What is in that package there? something to make a bag?

    I hope you get a lot of things done this week!

  3. Så jättefint. Vad duktig du är.

  4. Ulla, I too have so many sewing magazines and books. A very good friend of mine gave me some 'Embroidery' magazines a long time ago and there are even ones that were published before I was born. Since I had the bedroom done this week I now have piles and piles (I am not exagerating) of magazines on the floor so must buy something to keep them in. I love your fabric, I often look at the 'goodness' shop, it's delightful.
    Your work in Helsinki sounds so comforting, I envy those children having you to care for them, they are going to be so loved!
    Did you get my e-mail about the card?? I am not sure if I have the correct e-mail adress for you.
    Take care and enjoy the children!

  5. I agree, always wonderful to have your supplies ready for when the mood strikes! Great fabrics. Love the little sewing machines.

  6. Melanie is really a sweet person!
    I love the japanese fabrics, specially the one with sewing machines, how cute! You have so many nice books, it is hard to leave them on the shelves, there is always something you just have to take another look and they have to be at hand!!! Have a nice time in Helsinki, it is so noble of you.


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