Friday, 20 February 2009

Small scraps can make a difference

You probably know I can't throw anything away, because I might need it for something someday? So I keep even small scraps of fabric. They can be used like this:

But my tiny scraps are not always big enough for a project. I wanted to make a set of four coasters, and use a pretty pale yellow floral print in one of the trapezoids. Well, my scrap was big enough for three, but for the last one I had to take a different fabric. It is the first trapezoid from the top clockwise in the bottom hexagon.

Here is a blue set under construction. Next I will make the backing and then top stitch the coasters. I found the pattern in the new Stitch magazine.

Talking about hexagons, there is a project called Hexagons of Hope going on for the bushfire victims of Victoria, Australia. The idea is to send EPP fabric hexagons so the women who have lost their houses and everything else and their fabrics and needles and sewing machines, could put their hands on a new project. I first heard about this from Suzie, and I think it is a great idea. There is a lot of information about the size of the hexagons and how to make them, just follow the link.

Today I finally had a chance to mail my wonky Maverick stars to the Bushfire quilt project. I got a little carried away and instead of the originally planned 12 blocks I suddenly found myself making the 25 to finish a quilt top. I thought my recycled men's shirts (the man is not recycled, I'm his first wife!, but the shirts are) are so different from other people's fancy quilting fabrics, and so I took my scrap bag and went on happily.

This star is one of my favourites, a combination of a plaid flannel shirt, a twill shirt and our living room curtain fabric.

And this is the top finished. I got to make the fun part, and the good ladies in Australia will provide the batting and backing and machine quilting and binding.


  1. this is stunning. You are so productive! and I admire you taking time out to do this for the appeal.

  2. You have made a absolutely lovely quilt and I am very impressed...
    Have a great weekend and have fun!

  3. There is going to be a very happy man receiving a wonderful quilt! Those are great blocks! Funny...glad you're not recycled.

  4. All the stars look amazing against the white. They really pop out. Great recycling effort!

  5. That is utterly gorgeous Ulla! Some chap is gong to be proud to own it. Well done!

    Cute coaster idea too. I wouldn't've noticed the yellow substitution if you hadn't pointed it out.

  6. Så vackert Ulla, det är så roligt att titta på dina vackra quiltar.

  7. Just lovely, that's a lot of stars! Best,


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