Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Socks and Secrets

Our local newspaper Keski-Uusimaa invited everyone to knit socks "for a friend". All socks sent to the newspaper will be given for charity in this area before Valentine's Day. (Valentine's day is here called "friends' day", we deal better with less romantic love! So it is suitable to send cards to all your friends, or not.) They received 174 pairs in just a few weeks; the appeal was made after Christmas. Now all socks are exhibited at the shopping centre, and the public can vote for their favourite pair from 12. The selected socks can be seen on the newpaper's website here.

The other socks were grouped by colour for display:

The knitters were asked to make their own pattern and use their imagination.

Some socks were obviously knitted by beginners. The ones I'm showing are among the best. I am not a knitter although I can knit socks and other things; I just wanted to show you the variety.

I may have told earlier that I kind of like ironing. Last week my old faithful ironing board collapsed, and I needed a new one. Here it is:

The new one is higher, wider and longer than the old one. and it has this nice holder for the cable. You can see my ironing pile on the dining chair behind the board: there are only two table cloths and one men's shirt left after today's test drive.

I have been making my secret Time for Tea Swap projects, and now I can give a little peek on what is coming. Here is some embroidery:

And the other project is more in the quilting department.

This last one will not be sent away so you can see a litttle more of it.

I have some new plans in mind, too. There is still time to start a smallish project, I think. On the other hand, I just downloaded the February block for my Country Calendar BOM from Ellie's Quiltplace. It is a nice one and will not take too long, especially because I have already stitched the name of the month.


  1. I am so impressed with all those creative socks. Knitting is not something that comes easy for me, so I am always in awe of other people's work in this department.

    I'll bet you get a lot of invitations to help do ironing.. it's not most folk's favorite chores. Although I don't mind it as much in the winter.. kind of nice standing and using a hot iron. :-)

    You are so sneaky with your peeks! This Tea Swap is driving me crazy!

  2. I love those socks, especially the grey ones in the first picture, with the white lacy edge.
    And.......would you like to do my ironing????

  3. hello my friend, I am sending my ironing thought to you- wish you were closer!!Love those socks they are so unique.Your sneak peaks are really neat but would love to see more. Take care. Hugs, Marie

  4. I'm so glad I have a friends that knits socks for me!!! I did it only once, have no idea when I'll try it again. Some socks are funny, like the one with a bunny and a Teddy!
    The fabrics with little cups you are using for the Tea Swap are lovely!

  5. Now that is a tiny sneak peek! Loving the tea/coffee cup too. Socks for charity is wonderul. I am not a knitter...I'm an admirer.


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