Tuesday 29 September 2009

Happy Mail

Just a while ago something very nice happened: I won a giveaway I didn't even know about. Stephanie from Loft Creations had this unannounced giveaway, and because I follow her blog and very often comment, I was in. Today the mail brought me the gift, Stephanie's newest pattern for two matching bags, Ladyfingers and Sugar Baby.

I had thought about buying the pattern, but it was not yet in her Etsy shop. This is what I had in mind for using for the Dresden plates:

Or this:

Or a mixture of both. They are my father's old ties, the leftovers after my brothers and sisters had their pick for some ties they wanted to wear. I have been keeping these in my storage and thinking about how to use them in a quilt. They are a difficult material, so I think I will come back to this bag idea later. Don't worry, I will show you if I ever get anything done either with the pattern or the ties or both together.

In the meantime I have been busy with two projects. One is the orphanage quilts, blankets and sheets. Last time I was in Tampere I picked up a giant plastic bag my youngest sister T had left for me at our mother's. It was full of her old sheet, in perfect condition. The pale crepe ones seemed not suitable for quilts, so I already cut one up and sewed three children's sheet of it. The blue with daisies will make two, but there is another one so it will make four, and another pale crepe sheet, totals 10 sheet. The one very soft white sheet I will keep to be used for backings, I might also dye it. Thank you, T!

Here is my Tanzania orphanage project results so far, three sheet, two quilts and a crocheted blanket. One elephant quilt is slowly in progress, and the granny squares for the second blanket still need to be joined together. I'm also knitting one blanket, I started it on my holiday in August but it seems to take a long time.

The other project is only in my head at the moment, but I need to start writing my ideas down. It is a very big custom order, a wall hanging about 120 x 600 cm, but it can be made of several pieces. It will be for the same lady, PN, who received my Stranger Quilt last year. She brought me a huge pile of fabrics for the wall hanging, and I will go through my stash and seek for suitable fabrics as well. She brought me a small sketch so I can get some idea of what she is after. Houses are included, sky and sea, and shoes. This may take really long time!


  1. The ties are such a fantastic idea. I can imagine a very elegant bag! How do your orphanage projects get delivered--do you have to mail them or do you deliver them to a charity who delivers them? Just wondering. I missed the stranger quilt somehow. Wow...love the jigsaw quilting. We'll all be looking forward to seeing the finish of your newest custom order.

  2. The church will deliver them in November, I just need to bring them to the local parish office.

  3. Wow - Mr. Squash is going to love what you do with your father's old ties! He thinks the Dresdens look like little neckties! It's wonderful what you've done for the orphanage, Ulla, and it looks like you have a lot to keep you busy through the cold months coming!

  4. Dear Ä,
    A new commentator for your blog - greetings from Falun, Sweden ;-)

    Great to see the ties again, those bring some nice memories to my mind! Could I reuse some of the ties before you'll recycle those? I could add some new flash to the daily business attire...


  5. Dear Ilkka,
    you can have as many ties as you want, they just need to be washed before use. No hurry, the tie project is at the bottom of my to do -list.
    Hugs, Ä

  6. Love the tie idea!! And congrats on your win. What an awesome custom order. WOW is that going to be challenging, time consuming, and what also sounds like a lot of fun!! Can't wait to see it.

  7. This is the nicest type of giveaway as you truly deserved it then!

    Happy zhōng qiū jié (中秋節), Ulla! Today, take time to admire the moon as it's mid-autumn & our Mooncake & Lantern Fest! Time to eat a mooncake & carry a lantern!
    - xue


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