Wednesday 23 September 2009

Swans, Elephants and Grannies

Do you remember the swan family I told you about in June? The couple walked their babies to the big pond in the centre of our village, but after a week or so they noticed there were too many people around so they walked to a more quiet little pond to raise their family. Usually the Cygnus olor nests in the wilderness up North, and they are always very shy birds, unlike the mute swans.

The babies have grown and are learning to fly. They need a long runway to get air under their wings, so a bigger pond was needed again. This pond is between the fire station and the big school.

The young swans - all five of them survived - are about as big as the parents but still grey in colour. They are not headless, but hungry! One has his or her wings up, trying to reach something delicious in the bottom of the pond.

One more picture, you can see the colour difference.

I promised to show I have been crafting as well. This is what I have been doing in class on Thursday evenings. Elephant blocks for another orphanage quilt. Miri has designed this cute pattern, and you can download it from her blog.

In the evenings, with Emmerdale and Heartbeat and Desperate Housewives and CSI and Mentalist I have been crocheting more and more Granny squares. Two more, and I can start playing with them and arrange them for a second orphanage blanket. I'll combine the squares with a variegated red this time. I will join them as I make the last row, I think this way the seams will not be stiff. Actually there will be no seams.


  1. I love the elephant blocks!

  2. Oh my haven't the cygnets grown! Swans are so beautiful.

    Aww the elephant blocks are so sweet.

    Great job getting so many granny squares finished already. Are you stash busting your yarn?

  3. I think it's wonderful that all five swans survived and how interesting that they don't turn white until adulthood! The elephant blocks are so cute - and your granny squares are really lovely - I like the idea of combining them with red!

  4. Love the swan pictures. Such graceful birds sitting in the water. That is going to be a sweet elephant quilt. I saw one Eileen did. Great grannies too. The receipents of the wonderful blankets must have big smiles as they snuggle under them.

  5. Lovely swan photos. We have black swans here in Australia.

    I do like your elephant blocks, the quilt will be gorgeous.


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