Sunday 20 September 2009

Harvest Fair

A couple of weeks ago there was a harvest fair in Järvenpää. Farmers come there with their products, and other producers are invited as well. I took you there last year, but why not join me again. The pedestrian zone is decorated with these flowers at the beginning of the summer, and now they have grown really big and lovely.

We went there on a Saturday, because we also went shopping for groceries, and the weather was nice. This is a general view, many people carrying their shopping, the air was filled with smells of garlic and of fried fish.

My club Järvenpään Käsintekijät (the Villa Cooper people) were there, like always.

A closer look at the sign.

Hand knitted mittens and socks are always wanted.

House shoes made of soft leather.

Pottery products.

This stand belongs to a member of the club, too. Her fabrics are all hand dyed linen.

But we were not the only handicraft producers there.

We bought a brush here, Mr. K likes to use one in the shower, and he needed a new one.

Pretty flowers. I remember when my second grade teacher took us all to a market place in September to see the flowers, and back in class we coloured the whole paper full of purple and red asters with our crayons.

These flowers are dry and will last until next autumn.

Now we come to the food area. Chanterelles - their time is over now, but as I type this, Mr. K in in the forest behind our house and will bring home some funnel chanterelles. They are the greyish dark brown ones, with a yellow foot.

Parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflowers, red onions.

Lingonberries. Mr. K picked a 10 L bucket full of them on Friday, and today I made seven bottles of juice of them, and 8 containers went to the freezer, crushed and mixed with sugar. The berries were crushed, not the plastic containers.

Apples. We don't need to buy them either. The one big tree will give me as much apples as I can
use, and the apples from our other trees can be given to friends and neighbours and deer in the forest.

Today I counted 54 jars of apple sauce and 13 bottles of apple juice in the cellar, from this year's harvest. I will cook some more, but I also want to get back to my sewing. I promise to show something hand made by me in my next post!


  1. Oh this looks like it was such an awesome day! Hand Dyed Linen!! AHH and oh Apples! Those baskets are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful Fall Fair! Lovely stuff to look at...and buy!

  3. Oh Ulla the flowers are beautiful as well as the booths. I love the hand dyed fabric. Thanks for sharing again this year with us. Many hugs, Marie

  4. My kind of day out. Oh how I wish I had access to fresh produce stands. I'd really love to walk out into my yard and pick my own!

  5. What a lovely fair you have been too, I have always loved "finsk husflid". Alle berries and fruit looks so fresh and good..
    Take care Ulla and have fun!!

  6. Ah - - - the handmade mittens remind me of this story:

    When I was a child in grade school my aunt sent us new mittens she had knit for us. Since our mom didn't knit, these were wonderful treats.

    The next day at school, a little friend of mine had no mittens - - - I knew her family was really poor and she never had adequate clothing to keep her warm at recess in our sub-zero northwoods weather.

    I went home every day for lunch and I could put on ANOTHER pair of mittens - - - so I GAVE her my brand new knitted mittens and got my old pair for myself at lunch.

    My mom didn't know how to handle the situation. She was very upset that I'd given away my new mittens - - - but having tried to teach us to love others before ourselves, what could she say?????

    I never regretted my decision.

  7. What a lovely harvest fair, so many different things. A lovely day out for you.

  8. Oh, I love Finnish apples! They are the best in the world. Looks like a nice fair indeed!

  9. Such a wonderful place, Ulla! It's nice to know that you don't have to purchase so many things, but get them from your house and surrounding area! Sounds like you have been very busy with the canning!

  10. I love to visit these markets, too. So many nice things, fresh vegetables and fruits and lovely handmade products. A lovely day indeed!

  11. Oh my Ulla you have been industrious. I can just imagine your freezer all full of your own produce.

    Ooo those hand dyed linens are so beautiful. I think I would wear everything! The Villa Cooper stand looked so good. I hope lots of things sold well.

    Sorry for the delay in commenting here -celery attack which made me bad. Just sore now thankfully.

  12. How fun! I always love such events & always end up staying there for a looong time!


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