Saturday 13 March 2010

Hesitating spring

This time of the year seems to be a fight between winter and spring. The nights can be very cold, but during the day - longer every day -the sun sometimes wins and starts melting the snow. Cloudy days bring new snow, and again it evaporates in the air. Let me show you:

March 2nd, new snow

The squirrel, jay and titmouse share a breakfast.

Then came sunny days, all snow was gone from the trees. You can see the paths of hares on our front lawn on March 11th:

In the early hours of March 12th there was again new snow, a squirrel run by the front steps:

The apple tree was like lace:

That morning I heard the first shy song of the blackbird. No matter how cold the weather is or how much snow, when there is more light, the spring is coming and they must start thinking about nesting things.

I had a late Christmas present, and look how organized by sewing threads are now:

Of course I had to move them to the right of the sewing machine, so they are not in the way of my sewings. After my secret projects were sent away I could concentrate of the big wall hanging project again. Nothing much compared to what I have shown earlier, but I unpicked the row of houses, used Heat and bond for a nicer result, and now I have stitched the shadow wall of each house to make it look more real. I'm working on stitching the front area to make it look like a pavement, and then I need to think about windows and doors to make the coloured areas look like houses.

I have downloaded some basics of perspective drawing to help me with the windows and pavement stitching. (Would have been useful already with the houses!)


  1. And now it truly is time - - - by the sun time - - - to start turning our thoughts to spring! The bloggers that were all hoping for spring back in January were a tad ahead of the sun.

  2. Hi Ulla!
    Your Spring pictures look awfully Wintery but glad there is more light...does your time change this weekend? We Spring ahead one hour giving us more daylight time tonight. I loved your pictures of the animal tracks...they are out there waiting for Spring too!
    Can't wait to watch your houses grow!

  3. Our snow has finally melted and after 6 days of sunshine and warm and wonderful temperatures, rain today. Great sewing day. Love fresh footprints in the snow...especially the critter kind. I'm looking forward to following your progress on your quilt project.

  4. I'm very curious to see the progress of your new quilt project. Besides, your thread "organizer" seems to be perfect. Somehow I am glad that we still have some wintery days, this gives me the possibility to stay inside and sew (my garden still has to wait ;-) !
    Liebe Sonntagsgrüsse,

  5. Hi Ulla, sorry I have been away and out of reach..
    Your threads looks very nice now, I have something similiar..
    Your houses looks great and I am very eageer to see how you will go on..
    Take care Ulla and have some more fun!!

  6. What a lovely post, Ulla - you have a way of making the cold, dark, winter days come alive with words! We have hares here as we noticed right after moving in ... we hope they don't take to our lettuce patch later this spring! Your thread organizer is wonderful - I organize mine in a similar fashion by color and thread type - sure makes looking for the right thread easy! Can't wait to see more progress on the houses!

  7. What a lovely late Christmas present. So useful.

    Your wallhanging is coming along really well. The shaded sides work really well. Good luck with perspective.

    Your snow looks so pretty. Here we definitely have Spring hopefully it will come soon to you.


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