Sunday 28 March 2010

Revealing secret projects

These two little girls have just arrived in their new homes abroad. They are the newest Unicef dolls I have made, Martha on the left and Dot on the right, and their new mothers are Suzie and Melanie. It is so funny we three have our birthdays within one week.

Both little girls have the Unicef logo in their leg seam, and they carry an identity card from Unicef. This means that two children somewhere in the world can have all vital vaccinations necessary to make a good start in life, provided by Unicef and paid by their adoption fee.

We had so much fun getting the girls ready for their trip! It was hard for me not to be able to show what was going on, but secrets are secrets. Dot used to sit on the windowsill with Raggedy Ann and Andy, watching our birds and squirrels. I think she made notes  for a new novel "The Squirrel Bandit and the Frightened Titmouse". I gave her a new notebook for the trip. She was running around in her blouse and knickers before I finished her skirt and cardigan, but Ann let her use their granny blanket to keep warm. Dot has still a slight fringe problem. Melanie will know how to help her with that.


Martha was more quiet, she was practicing her German by reading my children's books:

Martha has the same hair colour problem as Anne of green Gables, but I think it is just great. The young are so often unsatisfied with their looks, but when they grow older they will notice there is nothing wrong with their looks. I think Suzie will be supportive, and they can do girls' stuff together and leave the men in the family out.

I had made lovely pictures of Dot and Martha sitting on the sofa with Raggedy Ann and Andy, and hugging them goodbye, but I managed to delete them from (Mr. K's) camera before downloading them to the computer. You just have to take my word that the kids made such good friends, and I think they will be sending e-mails to each other.


  1. Dear Ulla, thank you so much for the wonderful Dot. She is sat in my fav chair with her notebook at the ready being inspired by what she sees through the window.

    It was so lovely of you to make Martha and Dot as very special birthday presents.

  2. You have the best surprises! Your dolls are so sweet, with such personality.

  3. I'm in LOVE with Martha and Dot!!!

  4. Martha and Dot no doubt will be e-mailing. They are very lucky girls to now be living in such wonderful homes.

  5. These dolls are lovely, and you give them such fun characters! I think its a great Unicef idea too. And I'm glad to see they like 'Where the Wild Things Are' one of myalltimeverymost favourite books!

    I'm linking to you in my post today- you'll laugh when you see why!!

  6. Your dolls are so cute, Ulla. The details and the outfits are so sweet and charming!

  7. Martha is such a dear, lovely girl. She is patient too and has learned a lot in the meantime! She told me she would love to have a purse or a bag. I have to work on that!


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