Monday, 1 March 2010

Stash use report of February

The short month of February is over and it is time to look back and see what happened with my stash. First of course I confess my sins: I bought 8.1 m new fabrics. Stash was also added by donated fabrics, but they don't count. Only when they are used! This is my challenge and I get to make the rules!

How much stash did I use during February? First, two more pillowcases for Jackie's challenge, 2.8 m, and 4 little ninepatch blocks for Illene's quilt. So little fabric that I can't add it.

One bedsheet for DS2, 2 m.

For Stephanie's No Strings Attached challenge, the remaining 60 string blocks, using 3 m for the foundation fabrics and when you think of the amount of seam allowances, at least 4 m for the strings. At least. Now I have 88 blocks, and I can start sewing the top together.

For the wallhanging project - too much unpicking to show any progress - I used 1 m from my stash for the foundation under the houses. The main project fabrics are not my stash.

For a secret project I have used another 1 m.

That makes a total of  13.8 m fabrics used from the stash, and even with the big 8.1 m shopping, the stash is 5.7 m smaller than last month. (I'm still not counting the donated fabrics, because I didn't buy them!) I think it is a good result, considering that all I could finish was two more pillowcases and a sheet.

My tatting excercises are waiting for a clearer head - I still feel dizzy after last week's flu. I have been knitting, too, on smaller needles after the felted mittens.

With March we start waiting for the spring. During the weekend we finally had above zero temperatures, and the snow started to slide from the roofs. This was our garage early this morning:


On the left you can see where Mr. K. has showeled snow away, from the higher roof it came down last night except for the corner bit trying to look like a curtain.

To celebrate the first month of Spring I changed the snowman panel for the bird panel on this cushion sweet Melanie sent me for Christmas. It has a new panel for every season of the year.


It will be quite a while before the apple trees bear blossoms, or even the bird cherries. In fact, this weekend was the first snowman weather since December! But the light is here already, a promise of spring and summer.

EDIT: I forgot the draught stopper, 1.5 m fabric from stash, making total February stash fabric use 15.3 m!


  1. Well I think that's pretty good use of stash- I'd give yourself a silver star! Then if you do better another month you can have a gold! And I don't count donated scraps as points against you!!!
    Glad you are feeling a little better, and good to see some snow melting I should think!

  2. I'm so glad you are having a little glimpse of Spring. I think Winter is throwing a tantrum over Europe at the moment. He was certainly slow to leave the UK.

    Well done with your stash use! Definately headed in the right direction. Sorry to hear about the wallhanging.

  3. Great that you have used so many fabrics from your stash! Well done!
    Glad that spring is finally coming and the weather warming a little.

  4. You have been very good using from stash, well I would not start to count my usings and buyings ;-))

  5. Hi Ulla - I am here catching up with what you've been doing. Sorry to hear you had the flu, but I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now. Great stash report - I only bought some FQ's with a gift certificate, so I'm not counting that! Your mittens turned out lovely, too! And it looks like Andy had a wonderfully fun trip into the city - he's a very brave boy with all those big snow pushing machines around! I think Mr. K's method is much more civilized - lol!

  6. Wenn es mir doch auch nur gelingen würde, meinen Stoffvorrat zu verringern ! Aber ich bin langsamer im Nähen als im Stoffeinkaufen und es gibt (leider??) immer wieder Gelegenheit Neues und Schönes zu entdecken und "schwach" zu werden. Lese gerade, dass du auch in den 60er Jahren zur Schule gegangen bist :-) !!
    Liebe Grüsse,

  7. Gosh, great stash use Ulla. Loving the cushion Melanie sent, what a fabulous idea and I am really liking that you are able to make up your own rules for what you are doing. Sometimes its just the only way to come out on top isn't it.
    hugs Deb

  8. A great use of your stash, now you might have place for new fabrics?! I love the cushion Melanie sent you, such a lovely one.


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