Thursday 10 June 2010

Launching the Summer String Collection

Raggedy Ann and I decided to have a photo shoot session when I was getting things ready to be taken to Villa Cooper for the Summer season. She was more than eager to pose for me. Here is one last time my big string quilt, all from my stash and for the No Strings Attached Challenge. I still have lots of blues left!

The next quilt doesn't really go with the string theme, but the fresh red and white, polka dotty, pepperminty loveliness matches Ann's stockings and would make any baby happy, don't you think?

Back to the Summer string theme again, the linen and scrappy string bag in feminine colours. You have seen this one too, but we wanted to show a collection!

And here finally comes the newest creation, full of string blocks in amazingly bright and lovely colours. Almost all the strings are for the donated plastic bagful I used for the first bag as well. Notice how Ann learned to catch the sunlight on her face. (We used to watch some Next Top Model episodes together when Mr. K was fishing, and picked up some hints.)

The collection naturally includes the tissue holders I have shown and delivered earlier. With the new shopping bag I'm up to 15 string projects now, and there is still time and strings to make more. If you go to Loft Creations, you will find a long list of names on her sidebar, with  a number of string challenge finishes after the name. If you need new ideas for string projects, visit the ones with a number to see their results. Stephanie has shown many of the non-bloggers quilts on her blog.

I took a couple of pictures in the garden of Villa Cooper, my craft club's shop.

It was a lovely, warm day for a change, but rain and colder weather are expected for the weekend.


  1. Beautiful quilts and bags! I love seeing Ann with them, too.

  2. You really have been busy stash busting. I love the little mini string blocks on the bag. I don't suppose Raggedy Ann has a bag - does she?

  3. Ann is the perfect model. What a wonderful collection of strings. Love your newest bag.

  4. You have been VERY busy! LOve the new string bag...and I think R. Anne likes it too!! I think she is definite Top Model material!! ;O)
    Take care!

  5. You have done wonderful in Stephanies String Challenge. Lovely string quilt and bags. Raggedy Ann looks good in the sun, yes the sun the her face makes her very good looking ;-))
    Take care Ulla

  6. Great finishes Ulla. Love the new string bag. Yes Ann's stockings match the red and white quilt beautifully.

    Love Villa Cooper!

  7. Well Annie has been doing all the right things - she is the perfect String Model! Love your projects, Ulla - I have many ideas for them - just need to find more time!
    Villa Cooper is so beautiful - oh to have such a place to create in!

  8. Terrific stringy collection...all she needs is a stringy apron and Anne could be on Project Runway as well as Next Top Model!

    (hmmm, a stringy apron?!!)

  9. What lovely quilts and bags! And, I love your Raggedy Ann doll, too! Great job!

  10. How cute is Ann, with your beautiful string projects. She seeems to be enjoying the sunny patch immensely :O)


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