Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas in Villa Cooper, part 2

Today we move on to the next room. Wool has taken over this space, where we usually see bags and clothing.

Mittens and scarves, beanies, caps and hats for every taste.

A whole tree hanging full of socks in every size and pattern. Hand knitted wool socks are a favourite product at this time of the year.

A group of tonttu elves is watching here too.

We move on to the kitchen. A modern wall decoration with straw, cloth, paint and dry roses.

Christmas stars made of wicker and red felted balls.

Handmade candles. The pastel shades are soy candles. You can wash the possible stains away with soap and water.

Red wreaths in the kitchen window.

A closet was filled with sauna products like these soaps in crocheted bags, and the hand woven towels.

The last room is the maid's room, usually our "wool room", but now showing the bags, clothes, baby things and toys.

The tour ends here, behind the windows of the kitchen and the maid's room. The shop is open on weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. All the handmade products are for sale, and the staff is our voluntary members who also work as guides for the Villa Cooper.

On the way back we walk past the swimming pool now filled with sand for safety reasons, so our  little guests can play there in the summer. The lanterns mark the edge  and show the way to the door.


When I came home, I had some special mail to be opened. This came form Paulette, my recycling blog friend from Canada:

Paulette is a specialist of wool appliqué, and she dyes the necessary shades herself. This cute cat elf will decorate my sewing corner tomorrow. As you see, still can't figure out why blogger sometimes tilts my portrait pictures like this. Just bend your right ear close to your right shoulder, and you will see the picture like it should be.

The other surprise was from my sweet blogging friend Melanie, whose parcels have been torturing my curiosity for weeks already. She promised I could open the one that jingles! Here it is:


A genuine British Christmas elf with her jingling shoes and hat, and with two red jingles in her hands. She is sitting on top of the new fireplace and watching over us. I think I need to start the Christmas cleaning now, before more guests arrive.
Thank you, talented ladies!


  1. What a lovely Christmas shop! So many talented hands to have made all those beautiful things!

  2. Darling kitty and your British Elf is so sweet. I love the craft tour. The sock tree is my favorite.

  3. Glad you like the Christmas Kitty and your British Elf is adorable!! Nice to have friends from around the world! haha
    Thanks for the tour..loved it!

  4. Thanks Ulla for your tour of Villa Cooper.. Looks like you and your friends have made a lot of wonderful Christmas presents.
    This is the time for secrets and my husband is trying very hard to make me reveal them but no ;-)

  5. Thank you, Ulla for this wonderful tour. Vila Cooper is a crafter's paradise!

  6. Villa Cooper is a beautiful place for the Christmas market. What a lovely British elf, I love her polka dots!

  7. Your craft shop is lovely. Our group has one (in town) too. Yours is much nicer! I especially love the Tonttu elves, they are so cute!

  8. I so enjoyed the tours of Villa Cooper this year, Ulla! Thank you for such detailed photos! My little elf from you is proudly displayed above my Christmas quilt! I hope you and Mr. K. are staying nice and warm with your new fireplace!

  9. Ohhh I could just stroke all those woolen items. So many beautiful colour and textures. I recognised the tonttu -you can see my 2 in my blog banner.

    Cute Christmassy cat!

    Glad you like Christobel. :-) I hope she behaves and helps you over Christmas like a Brownie. She was told to before she went.

  10. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your craft shop and decorations. Also loved seeing the snow and will call back again soon. Merry Christmas
    Jan Mac

  11. Ein Reichtum an Kreativität wird hier in der Villa gezeigt, da wird bestimmt jedermann fündig mit einem Geschenk für Weihnachten. Ich wünsche dir frohe Festtage mit viel Zeit und Musse und für das kommende neue Jahr von Herzen nur das Allerbeste, vorab natürlich gute Gesundheit und immer wieder die nötige Zeit für deine Handarbeiten!
    Viele liebe Weihnachtsgrüsse, hyvää joulua,

  12. The colours of the wools and all those knitted things are beautiful. An awful lot to see in Villa Cooper- thank you for sharing...I think I shall just have to pop over next year for a visit!!
    And such great presents for you! I was following Paulette's wool applique in the summer and Autumn, but haven't visited lately- looks like she is continuing fun designs! And the elf is such fun too!


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