Wednesday 1 December 2010

Napkin Challenge, Fair and Stash use reports for November

Some time ago I took the challenge from Mrs. Moen to create something inspired by a napkin, and the deadline was Dcember 1st. I chose these two paper napkins I had at home.

And this is what I ended up with:

It is a little table runner made from materials I had in stash, like a red plaid shirt from a charity shop, and the golden yellow binding of the fabric I used for the Mystery Quilt a few weeks ago. I used my gingerbread cutters to draw the gingerbread appliquéd on the top, and some white rick-rack for icing. The light is bad at this time of the year so I have no better pictures. I have machine quilted the runner in a grid along some of the lines in the plaid. Mrs. Moen's blog has a list of links to all blogs who joined this challenge, and the list may be growing in the next few days.

I used only fabrics from my stash to make this table topper, about 40 cm in all. I counted my secret projects and a curtain and the little things for the Christmas shop and ended up with the huge 9.25 m of fabrics used in November. I also have bought some, like two baby prints on sale, and two fat quarters I bought at the Elma fair last weekend, and a baby flannel (I'm planning to make a baby quilt for the shop now that someone finally bought the red and white polka dot quilt I made last summer). That all adds up to 3.7 m of bought fabrics. I still used 5.55 m more than I bought!

The fair was as nice as every year. The countryside part of the fair had a lama show.

We skipped the Forest part this year, and the DIY part as Mr. Kotkarankki was busy with meetings all day, and the Pet part just because we don't have pets, but we spent quite a lot of time at the Arts and Crafts part.

The granny square blanket is hanging sideways, but you get the idea. Here is all I bought at the fair:

A wonderful book about Cloth Dolls by Jan Horrox (thank you for telling about this, Heather), a pair of scissors to make round corners (not as good as I thought), some postcards, a little basket and the dotty fat quarters. Plus a box of chocolate kisses.

It's cold out there:

Today on my way to the train I saw this halo on both sides of the sun:

It looks like a section of a rainbow. I think there are ice crystals in the air and they make the halo visible.

By the way this is as high as the sun gets at this time of the year, the pictures were taken at 12:30 today!


  1. What a wonderful table runner. I love the use of cookie cutters and the addition of the rick-rack.
    Those purchases are great. I looked up the book in and found that you can pre-order but that it won't be available until Feb. 2011. Same cover too. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity.

  2. Creative and cute table runner. What a fun challenge. Brrr! Your blog is making me really cold. Love your new banner. We got our first snow today. It's light and patching but still snow.

  3. I love that you were not only inspired by the napkin, but recycled the fabric you used to make the runner. And it looks great.

  4. I'm loving all the napkins everyone has chosen for the challenge...especially yours! What a 'sweet' tablerunner!

  5. The table runner is terrific!!! Very nicely done....happy holidays to you and yours. Use it in good health!

  6. Nice table runner. Love the heart napkin inspiration.

  7. You are very creative. I love the use of rick rack and the fabric choices you made. You have a very nice blog and I love the header picture. We just had a foot of snow for our Thanksgiving and now it is gone. Still cold though.

  8. What a lovely tablerunner you have created! And using the cookie cutter motifs to make it festive - well done!
    Our temperatures are the opposite of you at the moment....

  9. Well done on transfering your napink into such a lovely table runner! I love the homey comfy feel of it and the rick-rack icing is a great idea. Thanks for playing along, I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge.
    We have the same light problem here; if I'm not at home in the middle of the day, the pictures get too dark. I have used my daylight lamp when taking pictures a few times, and it works.
    And well done using up so much fabric in one month!!

  10. Just stopping by to say hello Ulla! It's been a long time.

    I don't think I could handle the sun being that weak in winter. How can you stand it?!?!

  11. Die Ricrac-Bänder sehen ja einem Zuckerguss täuschend ähnlich :-) ! Eine gute Idee für stoffige Weihnachtsplätzchen! Dieses spezielle Lichtphänomen habe ich noch nie gesehen, sieht ja fast aus als würden zwei Sonnen scheinen! Tolles Bild! Du bist wirklich vorbildlich mit dem Verbrauch deiner Stoffe, da stimmt die Buchhaltung ja fast ;-) !!. Ich habe immer mehr "neue" Stoffe, als ich vernäht habe ;-( !
    Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen und erholsamen zweiten Advent und sende herzliche Grüsse.
    Barbara (wir haben im Moment auch um -10°C und recht viel Schnee! Es sieht wunderschön aus!)

  12. Your table runner looks very sweet, a nice challenge! TAhe book you bought seems to be very interesting, a friend of mine used it and made beautiful dolls. Pretty cold, brrrr!...And dangerous on the roads,too, better stay safe at home.

  13. Brilliant use of imspiration with the napkin challenge. It worked really well.

    Great nature pics too- wow it is cold there! We had rain last night so all the hard frost which had settled the last few days is melted away. Other parts of the UK are still struggling with the snow though.

    The fair looked like a lot of fun. The postcard looks so cute.

  14. yOUR table runner is lovely, and really interesting the way you developed it!

    The photos of the sun halo is amazing! I've seen similar around the moon in freezing weather here, but never around the sun!

    Sounds like you had a good time at the Fair- and I hope you have as much fun from that doll book as I have been having!!


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