Friday 26 November 2010

Lovely mail and some winter news

This week I have received more nice mail than in ages. Two Christmas presents have already arrived and been hidden from me to wait for Christmas Eve. One parcel was not for Christmas, so I could open it. To my surprise it was filled with gifts as well, and I was just expecting a bag pattern Dolores, the True Blue Canadian, promised to send me when I admired it on her blog. There was the pattern, on the right, but also two matching fabrics, red ribbon and a kitchen towel with the Canadian flag and a beaver embroidered.

That was not all: Dolores had also made me her own version of the bag I liked, matching perfectly to my brown clothes.
Blogger prefers to hang the bag sideways, and I still don't know how to change this habit.

Thank you, Dolores!

I have been Building a Village with Mrs. Moen's free pattern. I just happened to notice my collection of used shirts cut and ironed for an eternity project I have been planning about two years already, cutting squares for half square triangles whenever I felt like it and had a new old shirt from DH or the charity shop. The fabrics are stored in a box and outside the box, very easily available, so I took 22 fabrics and cut two rectangles from each of them and packed the rest nicely back in the box and beside the box. I had some old white bedsheets easily available from Unicef Doll making, and so I cut a pile of 2½" squares for the snowy roofs. No new fabrics were needed, the starry sky is a Christmas fabric from my stash.

Last week I made the table runner this far in class, and last night I machine sewed the bindings on so that I can have a nice hand sewing project for the evenings by the TV and the fire. My other projects are hush hush for now.

The weather has turned colder, and this morning the temperature was -15C  (5F). The winter birds are busy with the sunflower seeds. The bullfinches wer not very cooperative when I was taking photos of them, the red-chested males kept hopping away from my frame before I had time to take a picture.

Keep warm, everyone! The tonttu elves are now already out there taking notes of your behavior. Santa will need to know who has been nice and deserves presents. Don't stay up too late!


  1. Hi Ulla.
    Your new tabelrunner is so sweet. Love stars over the little houses and you are realy good reusing fabrics.
    It is realy cold here too, but not more than -7 degreas but with the wind from the ocean it is more than cold enough. I had a plan to take a small walk today but I have done everything else. Even cleaning up in my shoe cupboard ;-))

  2. Ha! I too am making Mrs. Moen's village table runner but all I have so far are the houses. I haven't decided on the sky part. Those little chubby bullfinches are so cute and would be a wonderful subject for a quilt.

  3. Hi Ulla!
    I have that Village Runner pattern waiting to be made may have just provided the inspiration that I need!! Love it!
    Lovely gifts- that bag is gorgeous!!

  4. How kind of Dolores to send you the pattern and other lovely things! The fabrics are great! Your table runner turned out so nice, your used shirts were just waiting for this project! It's much colder here, too, and even with a little snow. The birds are so sweet.

  5. What a lovely generous and kind thing to do- a whole parcel of goodies as well as the bag you admired in your colours. :-)

    I love the table runner. I can see a Summer version too of beach huts in seaside colours. Great pattern.

    Love those bright chests of the bullfinches.

    My tonttu are in my December blog header- on the mantle piece of the dining room watching all the goings on.


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