Sunday 7 November 2010

New Raggedy & Friends block, knitting and a new challenge

Today the sun was shining so I could make a decent picture of the fourth block of my Raggedy & Friends quilt. If you want to make this quilt too, all instructions are still available at Kaaren's blog The Painted Quilt. Just click here or the button in my right sidebar.

Ann didn't feel like posing for this one, and as I didn't have hearts and stars available for her, I agreed. Maybe next month's block is easier for both of us.

I have also been knitting in front of the fire and the TV, and made myself a little shawl to keep my shoulders warm. I have had this fringy yarn for ages, and bought two other yarns to knit with it, also already some years ago, but only now I bought a pair of no. 10 knitting needles and finally started this. I knitted 30 stitches until I ran out of the fringy yarn, one row with each yarn.

I'm wearing it right now, it reaches comfortably from one elbow to the other behind my neck, very light and warm.

I still have two balls of the fringy yarn left and I think I'll make another scarf using it alone. Knitting with the giant needles is superfast and easy.

The days are short and dark at this time of the year. I took this picture some days ago just before 10 in the morning. The sun had risen around 8, but it keeps so low all day that cloudy days are pretty gloomy. This morning's sunshine was soon covered by clouds, and it started to snow a little.

I have taken a new challenge, like there was too much time on my hands at the moment. Dolores told me about the Napkin Challenge of Mrs Moen, and I couldn't resist! I'm going to make a very small project inspired by a napkin of my choice, and it needs to be finished by December 1st. I'll have a look at the napkins I have at home, and then I can have a good excuse to look for new ones tomorrow in town.


  1. You have done some lovely work on your Raggedy friends quilt. I love it , it is so sweet and cute ;-)

  2. It is a sweet block! I like the quote you embroidered on it.
    Good luck with your napkin challenge :)

  3. I love the shawl. How wonderful that you have joined the small challenge.

  4. Great Anne block Ulla. Well done. We are having dull days now with early evenings. It is raining a lot with frosty mornings.

    I love how your scarf turned out. I have a pair of 12s if ever you want to use them. I had to buy them to make a coat/cardi for Daughter in a yarn called "Pampas"- very thick quick knit buy haven't used them since.


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