Saturday 20 November 2010

Christmas Mystery, part 1, and Napkin Challenge

Today I'm showing you yesterday's part of the Christmas Mystery quilt designed by Merete from Norway. I kept the golden orange fabric but changed the grey background to coffee brown and the pale pink to a red dotty fabric.

Today's instructions are already up here, and in the afternoon I'm going to find time to finish the next blocks.

My other challenge is also linked to Norway. Mrs Moen has challenged us to make a project inspired by a napkin (click the button in my right sidebar), and here are my napkins:

The one in the background is almost 31 years old, and I have cherished it for sentimental reasons. It was part of the engagement gift from my sisters and brothers in December 1979, with matching plain plates and tea mugs with tiny white flowers. The plates are still being used, but one mug is badly chipped so the other one is resting too. The gingerbread napkin is from last Christmas and it has a very Scandinavian style, I think.  I have picked some fabrics for this project already, but still need to think how to make it.

This is all for today, I'm busy with all the sewing!


  1. Your mystery project looks very interesting. Love the napkin challenge idea. I have damask tablecloths and napkins that my mother received as wedding gifts...50+ years ago.

  2. I like your fabric choices too, and I'm looking forward to how it will be tomorrow...

  3. What a neat challenge..but it looks like you have a handle on it!! Love your blocks! Can't wait to see what comes next??!! Take care!

  4. Good of you to have time to play along. I have too much to do with christmas presents. Yes I have overdone my self this year. But it Looks like I will make the finish line anyway, puh..
    Your mysteri with Merthe Veian looks lovely and I like the napkin challenge!!

  5. This seems to be a very interesting challenge! I like your napkins, specially the gingerbread one with polka dots!

  6. Good luck with the napkin challenge.

    I wonder how your mystery project will turn out?


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