Thursday 18 November 2010

New projects, and Swan Lake again

I have been busy sewing and hardly have had time to make pictures. On Sunday I needed to deliver my bits and pieces to Villa Cooper for the Christmas shop builders. Most of it was what was left from last year, but I made some coffee mug warmers as well. Some are for mugs like this, and the others are for takeaway paper mugs. I also made some angels, but they flew away before I had time to take a photo.

The opening will be on Saturday, and I will take you on tour again when I have a chance to visit the exhibition.

This is a busy time of the year for most of us, but guess what I have been doing? Taking new challenges! Mrs. Moen is asking people to make boobs (you read what I wrote; she used that word first!) for breast cancer patients. Not to wear, but to use in workshops to make art. Click on the link and read more. This is all happening in 2011 so you don't need to do anything just yet if you are busy right now. The instructions are very simple, and the fabric circles are easy to mail as a letter.

The other challenge will take some time this coming weekend. It is a Christmas Mystery for a quilting project, and I found it at Merete's blog. So far I have the instructions to pick my fabrics and to cut them. This is what I thought to use when she wrote about a pink and a golden yellow fabric and a black or grey background (Google translator calls the fabrics "drugs", but they are just cotton fabrics!).

I didn't cut any of them yet, because I think my pink is too pale and my grey is too grey, so I may need to change them. I like the the orange yellow with golden sparkles, but the other fabrics look too weak with it. This can become three cushion covers or a table runner, we'll see once we'll see how it looks like.

On Monday I took some more pictures of our little Swan Lake. New adult swans have joined the flock. There has been ice on the pond but it melted again. Today it is snowing quite heavily, and next week we are going to have real frost, colder than -10 C (+14F), so the swans and mallards need to fly South, at least as far as the coast.


  1. Your photo is suitable for framing. Misty, foggy, eerie, lovely. Everyone is Christmas Crafting and I can't seem to get back into the swing of things after my trip--it's all the time zone change. I did sew a tiny bit yesterday.

  2. You are keeping busy. I wish I had a place to watch swans. We do get Canada geese though. Today it's raining here again and it's supposed to get a high of 6C. Yesterday was 10C. So, no snow for a while yet.

  3. Beautiful atmospheric pic of the lake.

    OO Villa Cooper- Love that place! I could spend ages wandering round with you there. I'll look forward to that. Your mug cosy looks great.

    Good luck on your matching fabric hunt. Love the bright yellow but I think you are right about it not being right with the other 2.

  4. The fabric for the mug cosy is so sweet with the little cups, it looks cute! I wish you a lot of success at Villa Cooper, your work is beautiful, Ulla. The temperatures have cooled down here too, but not that much - I can still wait for the hard winter as they have forecasted...Interesting and exciting new challenges, have to read more about it.

  5. I really liked the coffee mug warmes. What a nice gift that could be.

    I'd love to see how your mystery turns out.

    The google transelater is not the best there is, but still... by the way: There's an English version of the mystery at QuiltDesign's site ;-)


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