Monday 22 November 2010

Christmas Mystery parts 2 and 3

 These dark days make picture taking difficult. I was late with the Mystery part 2, so here they are, my Saturday's blocks B and C:

On Sunday the only new block to sew was a little brown bit to the end of a longer yellow one to make block D, and then to put the four blocks together like this:

I think they will be table toppers, one long and narrow or three square ones. Now they will need to be put aside because some Christmas projects need serious attention! Merete's blog shows finished versions of this mystery, and there are links to other bloggers who played along. Thank you, Merete, for this play with fabrics.

This morning I watched the full moon at half past seven:

... and one hour later when the sun was up:

Yes, we have had snow for a week already, and today the temperature was -10 C (+14 F).


  1. It's nice to see you're having fun sewing the blocks! I visited Merete's blog to see the other versions, the table topper looks great. I'm looking foward to seeing yours! Brrr, that's cold! I love the picture of the moon!

  2. Great mystery blocks. Pretty photos. I can feel the cold from here. Although we're enjoying a couple of very warm days before our cold arrives. No snow yet. Happy Crafting.

  3. Our high is 13 today with some rain but tomorrow and the rest of the week is 4 and 3.
    Those blocks turned out very nice and would make a great runner or square table topper.
    Interesting napkins too.

  4. Tabel toppers are always great to have and your are special.
    Yes I saw the moon tonigt too and it made me thinking of your pictures. ( I saw your moon picture when I was at work earlier today but I very seldom make comments when I am working I must wait until I a home..)
    I had a great walk in the cold tonight and I shared the walk with 2 good friends. I always walk with them on monday nights except when my quilt guild is having a meeting.

  5. didn't have time for the mystery. but i like yours. great colors. we might have some snow in a few days. but i don't expect it will stick much.

  6. Hi Ulla! I have just spent some time catching up here! How many wonderful posts since I've been away...from your time in the cabin, to wonderful stitching projects, stash reports (I'm afraid I haven't been very good at controlling mine), to Mr. K's fantastic concrete project and your new fireplace, to your trip to Germany and the metal show (Bob is very envious) and the wonderful outdoor pictures of the seasons changing! Sounds like we are both having about the same weather right now, too!

  7. Seems to be a really fun mystery! Your blocks are looking great, Ulla. Have fun!
    The winter scenery is beautiful! Nice capture of the moon. Stay warm!

  8. Stunning pic of the moon- it could be an illustration in a children's book.
    I like how the mystery project turned out -like links in a necklace.

    Ouch -10c! My toes feel cold with just the thought of it.


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