Saturday 11 December 2010

Christmas in Villa Cooper

Welcome to a tour in the Villa Cooper, my craft club's shop and architectural treasure in Järvenpää. I took the pictures yesterday in the afternoon, here are the entrance hall and office windows around 4 pm.

In the little entrance hall we must put those protective wax cloth things over our shoes to save the original wooden floors. Felted hearts and felted bullfinches have joined the tiny tonttu elves at the window and on the windowsill.

The table was set for Christmas in the biggest room. We'll see the other rooms next time.

The fireplaces are not used for heating for safety reasons.

Big tonttu elves.

Traditional Finnish himmeli decorations made of straw.

Handmade books and pottery.

A closer look at the dining table.

More ceramics and hand painted china.


A nativity scene and some blue lanterns for tealight candles.

Modern Christmas decorations.

Wreaths made of materials from the nature.

Angels by many designers.

Shiny hearts.

This was all for today, we'll visit the other rooms soon. I hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Such an inviting location to display all of the handmade goodness. The little tonttu are sweet and I remember you helping Melanie last year with her himmeli. Thank you for sharing these beautiful handicrafts.

  2. Definitely a treasure. I'm looking forward to the rest of the tour :)

  3. I loved the tour! The gnomes and elves were priceless!! Very cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dieses wunderschönen, alte Haus, ja eine respektable Villa ist der ideale Ort für Ausstellungen. Da gibt es ja die verschiedensten Sachen zu sehen, und ich nehme an auch zu schön! Die glänzenden Herzen sind bestimmt gefüllt mit "Duftmaterialien", nicht wahr? Wenn ich die kleinen tontuus sehe, kommen mir unweigerlich die Mumin-Bücher in den Sinn :-) !! Bin neugierig auf die Fortsetzung, bzw. die weiteren Räume der Villa !!
    Wünsche dir einen schönen dritten Advent und grüsse dich herzlich,

  5. There seems to be something for everyone's tastes.

  6. A lovely tour, dear Ulla! The tonttu elves and the ceramic were something I would have bought for sure if I were there!

  7. Love both the little and big tonttu! The Villa Cooper is such a lovely warm and welconming place to visit.

  8. I do so love traditional houses in the different cultures. The dining room is very beautiful, even without the lovely decorations.
    I particularly like the little angels and also your traditional elves- I'm going to look at your link to read more about them!


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