Sunday 13 February 2011


This winter feels like there is no end to it. It started early, we had the first snow in mid October, and the snow that stayed came around the 15th of November. Three months ago. It has snowed over 60 cm or 25" ( a quilting ruler would be snowed in) in all, and there will be more snow before any sign of spring.

A sunrise last week:

Our little friends have eaten almost 50 kg sunflower seeds and peanuts this winter. Here on the left a Mrs. Bullfinch and on the right Mr. Gray Linnet. He is a newcomer, they don't usually stay up here for winter.

This morning the temperature was really low, -23 C or -9 F, but (or beause of that) the day has been sunny. Mr. Bullfinch enjoys the sun here.

It has been so cold that I have just been knitting socks by the fireplace and not freezing by the sewing machine. All I finished this week there was these two pillowcases for Jackie's summer camp project.

This left me with some colourful strips so I can make a couple of QAYG blocks for the OZ Comfort Quilts - click the button on my right sidebar.
The ninepatch backing gives me a headache so I decided to let it rest until my head is clearer. I started - finally - a plaid shirt project from this book in class:

but the sewing was so wonky that I think I have an unpicking project for the evenings before I can continue. I hope you have had a more successful week!


  1. Ulla, it feels the same way here too!! We have 3 feet of snow that seems like it is never going to melt!! The pillowcases look fantastic and I know they will be loved! I thank you for your effort always.

  2. I hope you get an early Spring after so much snow and an early Winter.

    Sorry to hear about the backing. I hope the sock making has been going well. It has been a knitting weekend here too.

  3. You certainly have very very cold weather. Temperatures unknown where I live! 50 kg of sunflower seeds and peanuts. Lucky lucky birds. But then, you get very sweet visitors (o:
    Happy pillow cases!

  4. the colour of the snow in that last pic makes it look very, very cold, i feel for you all up there. good on you for feeding the little birds, they sure appreciate it.

  5. Hopefully the birds can help you think of Spring and bird songs! Very lucky kids to receive these fun pillowcases. Sorry about your unpicking project.

  6. I think all that snow would give me a headache no matter what, Ulla! You're so kind to help the bird friends through your tough winter - you will surely be rewarded when spring arrives and they break into song! Beautiful pillowcases will be so welcome! Good luck on your unpicking - Mr. Squash always helps me there ;>) We will think of you both as we are fishing this Tuesday!

  7. Missed all those lovely snow! It can get chilly here in Dubai but sadly, we do not wake up to any snow :( .

  8. You poor thing! I just can't imagine that cold, or exactly how it is for you, but you have my sympathy. Its a pity I can't send you some of our mild grey windy rainy weather? Here, the first crocus and snowdrops are coming up and there are some lambs in the fields, but 'they' say that there is another really cold snap with snow and weeks of sub zero on its way. It will be very tough on the farmers this late.

    At least you are choosing some bright fabric to work with, and staying by the fire seems VERY sensible to can NEVER have too many woolly socks either!


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